Since 2003, we've been developing and delivering the best classroom management and interactive learning software for educators. We're based in Indianapolis, but our products are used by thousands of teachers around the world (26 countries and counting) and nearly 200 one-to-one computing programs. DyKnow Monitor, classroom management software, increases instructional time by allowing the teacher to supervise, guide and interact with students via computers. DyKnow Vision, interactive learning software, takes digital learning to a new level by combining content sharing, assessment tools, collaboration and replay. All DyKnow technology is server based, which means our software is reliable and secure, and scales to thousands of computers, saving time for everyone.

Our flagship software was founded in the classroom and we focus on education: it's our number one priority. Some people say we are obsessed with our customers' success. Read our latest success stories to see what our customers are saying about our products and our service.

DyKnow software is certified on the new Dell Latitude™ ST slate as well as Dell's other computers running Windows®. For more information, visit www.dyknow.com or contact your Dell PSG account manager.

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