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Each component of EDU 2.0’s furniture design is built for mobility. So rooms, people and information can be on the move — and still stay connected. To data. To power. To each other.

Today, learning can happen anywhere — and often does. These different modes require flexible furniture that can adapt to every situation.

From tables and mobile whiteboard carts to presentation system furniture and soft seating with built-in power ports, our entire EDU 2.0 line is built for interaction. Everything simply works and fits together.

Make room for flexibility. Make room for Bretford.


About the Bretford Discover Guide
Bretford introduces a new tool called the Discovery Guide, which helps facility professionals understand, create and implement agile learning spaces, along with an accompanying webinar series that includes a case study project called iLab.

The Discovery Guide helps educators understand, create and implement the specific agile learning space that is right for them, using the EDU 2.0 line of furniture, which is built to be flexible and support the many changes that technology is bringing to the learning environment. It explores the trends and concepts uncovered in three years of Bretford research, shows just how agile layouts affect learning then demonstrates how to implement change in a learning environment. The complete Discovery Guide is available by contacting Rob Fox, Bretford sales representative, at 512.699.4144 or by email at rfox@bretford.com

About the Agile Learning Spaces Webinar
To support the guide, Bretford has pumped up its BretfordUniversity webinar curriculum by adding an enhanced six-part fall/winter series that focuses on the "how to" and "design" of agile learning spaces. The Discovery Guide and webinars also include information about a unique case study project at Hillbrook School in Silicon Valley, Calif. called iLab. Through a partnership with Bretford and HERO, Inc., a research and consulting firm, Hillbrook has been able to design and build an agile learning space, which will be used by students and monitored throughout the first six months of the 2012-2013 school year. The story, findings and results can be followed on the Hillbrook iLab site. Webinars and additional learning tools can be obtained by visiting BretfordUniversity.
CarbonNeutral® Product Certification/Sustainability
As part of our dedication to taking care of the environment, the complete EDU 2.0 line is among the first in the contract furniture industry to receive CarbonNeutral® product certification. As a result, Bretford is working towards reducing our carbon footprint to net zero through a combination of internal efficiencies and external carbon offsets.

This means that choosing the EDU 2.0 products allows educators to have healthier learning environments with furniture that is made using low-carbon production processes that help green their supply chain. Bretford has also earned CarbonNeutral® Company Certification. And many of the products in the EDU 2.0 line are pending GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) certification and Children & SchoolsSM product certification for low-emitting products.

Powermat® Technologies Preferred Partner
Bretford has been selected as the preferred Powermat partner for the education market. The wireless power technology transforms the EDU 2.0 furnishings into readily accessible, invisible power stations. Powermat’s inductive coupling model for energy transfer eliminates wires, cords and hassle.

It senses when a device is fully charged and halts power delivery, effectively eliminating energy waste. And it is backed by a one-year warranty. It is convenient and universal for students and educators and gives them technology at their fingertips. So the focus is on learning instead of worrying about the battery life of the electronic components.