Active System Manager

Simplify and automate IT service delivery

What if you could transform your IT environment from a cost center to an innovative service provider that empowers the business? Dell Active System Manager enables service-centric IT by helping you more rapidly and efficiently deliver the IT services your users demand.

You know the drill: you have to manage a complex mix of platforms from a variety of vendors and multiple consoles, and you spend too much time doing it. These manual and disconnected IT processes can result in unpredictable service levels, missed business opportunities and users frustrated by the amount of time it takes for IT to roll out services.

Active System Manager gives you a unified console and highly intuitive user interface with which to automate the deployment and management of IT services from the data center to the cloud. This speeds up workload delivery, streamlines infrastructure provisioning and enables you to improve service levels so IT becomes an asset rather than merely an expense.

What can you do with Active System Manager?
  • Accelerate IT service delivery by automating and centralizing key functions, such as workload and infrastructure deployment.
  • Free up IT staff by dramatically reducing manual tasks and touch points so IT can focus on strategically aligned projects.
  • Use your infrastructure more fully and efficiently by pooling server, storage and network resources and scheduling them for future demands.
  • Standardize workload delivery to increase deployment accuracy and to scale your workloads based on business demand.
  • Manage infrastructure lifecycles with comprehensive firmware updates, compliance and remediation across server, network and storage resources.
  • Maximize investments — in both Dell and Non-Dell IT resources — with support for heterogeneous IT environments.
How is Active System Manager different?

Active System Manager provides a unique set of capabilities designed with IT administrators in mind. They include:
  • Template-based provisioning and orchestration. Simplify IT service delivery with a centralized approach to workload-specific configuration. You can use step-by-step guidelines to execute tasks during every phase of the workload lifecycle.
  • Infrastructure lifecycle management. Discover, inventory and configure assets — fast — to streamline physical/virtual infrastructure and workload management during every phase of the infrastructure lifecycle.
  • Deep virtualization integration. Manage cluster-level and virtual machine (VM) lifecycles for VMware vSphere platforms.
  • Resource pooling and dynamic allocation. Optimize capital expenditures by creating and managing physical and virtual IT resource pools.
  • Dramatically simplified management. Use a powerful, intuitive user interface to set up, deploy and manage your IT environment. You can also integrate third-party tools.
  • Open and extensible architecture. Easily integrate existing and future IT resources — both Dell and Non-Dell.
Active System Manager makes it easier to automate IT service delivery and to manage your IT environment end-to-end. To learn more, visit the Dell Tech Center , or talk to a Dell expert to learn how your data center can benefit from Active System Manager.