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Take a deeper dive into Linux® information and Dell's open-source partnerships with these white papers, videos and case studies.

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  1. UNIX-to-Linux Migration for the Modern Enterprise

    UNIX-to-Linux Migration for the Modern Enterprise


    Dell and Red Hat have joined forces to help enterprises transition from legacy UNIX systems to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux on Dell servers. This relationship includes thousands of vendors with software applications certified to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and an OEM arrangement in which Dell provides hardware, software, services and support.

  1. 2015-medallia-10022518-open-networking-servers-switches.jpg

    Medallia - Video


    Software development firm supports its big data analytics platform with Dell open networking switches, providing high throughput and efficient data processing.

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    ELM Energy partners with Dell to create a durable Internet of Things (IoT) appliance


    Developer provides new options for delivering reliable and affordable green energy with an innovative IoT solution based on the Dell Edge Gateway which gives real-time insight and control over various energy sources.

  2. European Gravitational Observatory (EGO) improves its range with revamped IT

    European Gravitational Observatory (EGO) improves its range with revamped IT


    Observatory in Italy refreshes its infrastructure end-to-end with Dell, allowing it to explore 1,000 times more of the universe.

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    Net Group maintains and protects its network for its growing customer base


    Colombian cloud-services provider fuels growth, improves customer service and boosts security by revamping IT so staff can quickly deploy and manage applications and infrastructure with Dell networking, firewalls, servers and management tools.

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    ICM Netsystems keeps pace with innovation by creating a data superhighway


    An IT services provider in Spain makes its data centre future-ready with an open networking solution from Dell that increases innovation by 20 percent, drives business growth by an additional 35 percent, and boosts IT efficiency by 20 percent.