Youth Learning

There are 72 million children worldwide that are not in school and lack access to the facilities, teachers and the technology they need for a better education. Dell believes that access to education and technology is not a luxury, but a necessity. That’s why we work directly with non-profit organizations around the world to close the learning gap and give young people the power to discover better possibilities. Dell Youth Learning

How it works

Dell provides grant funding, as well as our latest technology. A local Dell Champion manages the deployment and upkeep of Dell systems and solutions, and local team members volunteer their time to support the organization’s needs. Dell also addresses any basic or community needs that might hamper a child’s ability to learn, such as food or security. This shared responsibility between Dell and the community — supported by Dell volunteers — brings about real learning opportunities and change.

A partner spotlight 
solar powered classrooms Solar Powered Classrooms
LEAP Africa (Nigeria) and SHAWCO (South Africa) use shipping containers turned into solar-powered classrooms to bring technology and education to even the most remote regions.
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Our partners span the globe

In FY13, we directly reached more than 500,000 youth and trained more than 15,000 educators. We worked with local charities and nonprofit partners in 16 countries across the globe to develop technology education programs that help close the learning gap for children.