Deploying Your SAP Solution

Accelerate Installation and Minimize Downtime

A large-scale deployment creates challenges for everyone from the IT staff to end users:

  • Defining and scaling a successful rollout can strain even the most experienced IT team, slowing responsiveness to new business requests.
  • Testing core business processes and system transactions is an enterprise-wide task that must be coordinated across multiple departments.
  • Before, during and after the implementation process, IT staff and end users require role-specific training to get them up to speed.

Dell is committed to easing this burden with a comprehensive set of deployment services. We begin by collaborating with your team to develop an implementation plan based on your business and IT goals. We then use standard SAP methodologies, including Value SAP and ASAP, and make adjustments to provide real-time information and report access.

Throughout the implementation, we carefully manage project plans with key metrics focused on scope, cost and quality. In the final phase, we provide the tools and training you’ll need to successfully manage your new SAP environment.

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