Deployment Services

Streamline deployment and keep end users up and running

Are you ready to deploy new technology without disrupting productivity? Whether you are adding new equipment to a data center or migrating end users to the newest laptops, you can count on Dell to execute quickly and correctly the first time. Not only will we get your new equipment up and running, but we can even handle removal and retirement of your old computer equipment — so you can concentrate on supporting your end users.
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  1. Server Implementation

    Server Integration

    New servers can be installed quickly with the help of Dell specialists. We implement using proven best practices for data center planning, configuration and integration.

  2. Storage Implementation

    Storage Integration

    Dell engineers will install your storage product right the first time to help maximize performance and scalability.

  3. Network Implementation

    Network Integration

    When Dell experts help deploy your switches and routers, you’ll optimize your network for maximum return on your data center investment.

  4. Rack and Stack

    Rack Integration

    Dell Rack Integration Services can reduce or eliminate implementation challenges when we engineer and install your Dell storage, server or networking solution.

  5. Asset Tagging and Reporting

    Asset Tagging and Reporting

    Our asset tagging and reporting services make identifying, tracking, securing and recovering your computers easier and more affordable.


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    Enterprise Deployment Services Brochure


    Dell offers a holistic deployment approach to system readiness, offering services for configuration, logistics, integration, migration and asset resale or recycling.

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    Storage Implementation Data Sheet

    We help you get your new storage products up and running quickly. Dell Certified Technicians use proven methodologies to minimize provisioning time.

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    Dell Compellent Implementation Data Sheet

    Dell experts can install and configure your Dell Compellent Storage and migrate your data safely from your legacy system.


  1. Imaging


    Effortlessly create, deploy, and update cross-platform images faster than ever.

  2. Imaging


    Have your image loaded on your PCs prior to shipping. We can even integrate this service with Microsoft SCCM.

  3. Asset Tagging and Reporting

    Asset Tagging and Reporting

    Our asset tagging and reporting services make identifying, tracking, securing and recovering your computers easier and more affordable.

  4. System Configuration

    System Configuration

    When we install hardware components and software prior to shipping, you receive your systems preconfigured and ready to go.

  5. Client Installation

    Client Installation

    Bring Dell technicians on-site to install new desktop or laptop computers, uninstall obsolete systems and securely transfer your critical data.

  6. Managed Deployment

    Managed Deployment

    A single point of contact plans and orchestrates all deployment tasks, so your new PCs go from the factory to your end users — online and ready to use.

  7. Optimized Deployment

    Optimized Deployment

    Our consultants plan and execute a fully automated managed deployment designed to reduce costs, save time, mitigate risk and minimize disruption.


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    Dell Configuration Services Brochure


    Your new systems arrive fully functional and ready to use out of the box

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    Standard Configuration Services Data Sheet

    Find out how to reduce deployment time and ensure the consistency of your end-user environment.

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    Managed Deployment Data Sheet

    Learn about the advantages of our Managed Deployment, where you get a single point of contact to plan everything to get your new PCs from the factory to your end users.

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    Asset Tagging and Reporting Datasheet


    Track your systems, by tagging them before distributing them to your employees. Select your tag from our standard set of five, and then we apply the asset tag prior to shipping. In addition, an asset report can be emailed daily, weekly or monthly.

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    Dell Optimized Deployment Data Sheet

    Read about the patented technologies that leverage industry standards to increase automation, and reduce the desk-side labor and logistics involved in PC deployment.


  1. Asset Resale and Recycling

    Asset Resale and Recycling

    Recover, resell, recycle or return to lease your excess computer equipment in a secure and environmentally conscious manner while complying with local regulatory guidelines.


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    Asset Resale and Recycling Data Sheet

    Learn how you can protect your data, recycle responsibly, realize residual value and retire multivendor assets.

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    Cardinia Shire Council Case Study


    A local Australian government body provided Dell Latitude Ultrabooks to its employees. Not only did this usher in a new, mobile working environment, but it also achieved a 50 percent decrease in paper use.


  1. Logistics Services

    Logistics Services

    With our help, you receive your systems where you want them, when you want them and how you want them.