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  1. Clear Creek ISD creates a sustainable digital learning environment - Video

    01 May 2014

    Dell tablets provided a no-compromise solution to Clear Creek ISD’s search for a sustainable one-to-one technology plan. The Latitude 10 with Windows® 8 offers robust manageability and accessibility at an affordable cost.

  2. Clear Creek ISD bridges the technology gap with their "Latitude 2 Learn" program - Video

    01 May 2014

    Dell tablets help Clear Creek ISD increase student engagement and enable personalized learning. The Latitude 10 with Windows® 8 help bridge the technology gap and ensure equal access to information and resources for students.

  3. York Region District School Board (YRDSB) - Video

    01 May 2014

    The York Region District School Board supplied teachers with 100 Dell Latitude 10 tablets with Windows 8 and an Intel® Atom™ processors to outfit them with a robust, mobile technology to support a student BYOD 1:1 initiative.

  4. Jenkon enhances web services for the direct selling industry with a state of the art end-to-end Dell environment - Video

    01 May 2014

    Jenkon improves agility, availability, security and performance for its customers with a Dell end-to-end solution.

  5. Dassault Systèmes FashionLab uses Dell Precision workstations to create highly detailed and complex imagery - Video

    01 Apr 2014

    Dassault Systèmes FashionLab, powered by Dell Precision workstations, created the design simulation of a futuristic new watch by French designer Francois Quentin, and brought it to life in dramatic glasses-free 3D.

  6. Shelby American increases IT horsepower with Dell end-to-end solutions - Video

    01 Apr 2014

    Shelby American, celebrated for its high-performance automobiles, runs its IT on Dell servers, storage, networks and workstations to support Shelby’s “Build One” CRM website. Build One attracts 1.3 million hits per week and generates 50% of overall sales.

  7. eResearch South Australia (eRSA) - Video

    01 Apr 2014

    eResearch SA builds and secures a high-performance private cloud with Dell end-to-end solutions.

  8. Noel-Baker School improves the classroom experience with an end-to-end infrastructure from Dell - Video

    01 Apr 2014

    Noel-Baker School sees students being more engaged and boosts results thanks to a cutting-edge interactive learning environment based on a Dell end-to-end solution.

  9. Shutterfly, Inc. maintains vital uptime with its Dell end-to-end solution - Video

    01 Apr 2014

    Shutterfly relies on Dell to power its online publishing products, enriching its customer service and enabling customers worldwide to share billions of their precious memories.

  10. Northwest ISD deploys Latitude 10 tablets in the classroom - Video

    01 Mar 2014

    District administrators, teachers, and students chose Dell Latitude 10 tablet for their one-to-one student learning device, enhancing student engagement through personalized learning in a mobile environment.