Desktop Virtualization Resource Library

We can help you build a business case for transforming your organization. Regardless of your company’s size, business demands or IT strategy, you can move from the status quo to a new paradigm of mobility, security and productivity with Dell cloud client computing tools:
  • Dell cloud client computing TCO Calculator — Calculate your potential total cost of ownership (TCO) in seconds. Put a number on what you’ll save by moving from a traditional desktop environment to a Dell desktop virtualization solution.
  • Dell cloud client computing Advisor — Configure a customized, end-to-end desktop virtualization solution for 50–50,000 users, with the right servers, storage, software, networking, cables, thin clients and services for your cloud client computing environment.
Contact a Dell expert and discover how easy it is to simplify client management, strengthen security and increase workforce productivity with Dell desktop virtualization solutions.
TCO Virtualize and save

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