The Dell Advantage for Data Center Virtualization

Incorporate solutions that address the IT challenges you face today, tomorrow and in the years to come. Don't stop at server virtualization. There’s much more to be gained by virtualizing your storage, networking and software.

Many industry leading solutions, but just one point-of-contact
Get the best of industry-leading solutions from companies, such as AMD, Intel, VMware, Microsoft and Citrix, but rely on just one point-of-contact for any questions or service-related issues. And keep your IT options open. Dell's standards-based approach never locks you into a single vendor solution.

Stage 1: 0% - 20% virtualized
Lufthansa Systems doubles virtual machine density and reduces infrastructure running costs.

Lufthansa Systems wanted to optimize the ability to build large clusters for optimal hosting of aviation and industrial applications. Dell helped the company design an upgraded data center infrastructure built around Windows Server 2012.

“We can maximize our IT investment through effective use of virtual machines. In addition, we’re lowering operating costs thanks to maximized efficiency.” ― Bardo Werum, Senior Vice President Infrastructure, Lufthansa Systems

  • Business increases agility through significant improvement in server performance
  • Demand of mission-critical online applications optimised with higher availability
  • Virtual machine density is doubled, improving competitiveness
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower total cost of ownership of servers

Stage 2: 20% - 50% virtualized
AccuWeather multiplies server performance by a factor of 5 with consolidated management.

Short on floor space and deep into energy costs, AccuWeather forecast a cloudy outlook. Now, with Dell’s help centralizing management, the company can crunch more data, produce more accurate weather reports and consume half as much power.

“Dell has truly delivered on its corporate strategy of IT efficiency.”
― Christopher Patti, Director of Technology, AccuWeather, Inc.

  • 50 percent less power consumed
  • 70 percent utilization projected
  • Server footprint cut in half
  • SAN configured in under an hour
  • 80 percent less time spent on storage administration

Stage 3: ~50% virtualized 
Kenya Data Networks achieves 99.99 uptime with high-availability solutions.
Data communications company Kenya Data Networks (KDN) struggled to keep up with demand. The company turned to Dell high-availability solutions to speed up server provisioning and parts replacement time. Now KDN can deliver customer service that keeps pace with company growth.

“Dell acted as a trusted adviser and worked hard to understand what we needed and what we wanted to achieve.” ― Shruthi Srivatsan, Head of IT, Kenya Data Networks (KDN), Kenya

  • Consolidated servers by 88 percent
  • Reduced server provisioning from months to minutes
  • Reduced capital expenditures by 50 percent

Stage 4: >50% virtualized
FireHost easily flexes IT muscle up and down based on the company’s sales pipeline.

Cloud-hosting provider FireHost had difficulty supporting the company’s rapid growth. After some early misses, the company found its storage sweet spot with Dell Compellent technology.

“The real value is in the relationship we’ve built.” ― Todd Gleason, Director of Technology, FireHost

  • Data writes to storage tiers 1 and 2 have less than 2 millisecond latency.
  • Storage capacity can scale with a few hours, with no downtime.
  • It takes just a few minutes to restore a server.
  • Thin provisioning is more efficient than industry leading solutions.

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Refer to our Resource Library for product specific guidance, such as Microsoft's Virtualization ROI calculator or the Reference Architecture for VMware vSphere 5.