iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller

iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller

An integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller is embedded in every Dell PowerEdge server. It provides functionality that helps you deploy, update, monitor and maintain Dell PowerEdge servers with or without a systems management software agent. Because it is embedded within each server from the factory, the Dell iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller requires no operating system or hypervisor to work. This agent-free operation means that with OpenManage technology, your new server is ready to deploy a new OS or accept new settings with no extra software to install. With powerful, easy-to-use, remote management and configuration options, iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller can alert you when an issue occurs, no matter where you are. It enables streamlined local and remote server management, and reduces or eliminates the need for administrators to physically visit the server — even if the server is not operational.

As an integral part of iDRAC, the Dell Lifecycle Controller simplifies server lifecycle management tasks like provisioning, deployment, servicing, user customization, patching and updating. It’s a collection of out-of-band automation services, embedded pre-OS applications, and remote interfaces that give you deployment, update, and maintenance capabilities through managed, persistent storage. This means you can reduce or eliminate dependence on media-based systems management tools and utilities.

Lifecycle Controller reduces your time spent on management tasks, reduces potential for error, improves security, and increases overall efficiency in your IT environment.

And because it functions out of band, iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller doesn’t require you to install the OpenManage Server Administrator software agent.

Whether you use iDRAC7 in previous generation PowerEdge servers, or iDRAC8 in next-generation models, both enable you to automatically update server firmware, use zero-touch automatic server configuration, and get automated server support functionality. In addition, both support the iDRAC Service Module (iSM), an extremely lightweight service that allows for more thorough monitoring and management of OS-related attributes.

With next-generation PowerEdge servers and iDRAC8, you also benefit from:
  • iDRAC Direct — our innovative server configuration profile technology that allows you easy and complete server configuration with either a USB memory stick or the direct connection of a laptop to the system’s USB port. iDRAC Quick Sync gives you the ability to use OpenManage Mobile along with an optional front server bezel with near-field communications (NFC) technology so you can quickly receive and send server health and configuration information to your hand-held smart device.
  • Time-saving features like easy restoration of server settings when replacing a system motherboard.
  • Agent-free system performance monitoring, for performance monitoring that doesn’t affect workload performance.
  • Out-of-band storage monitoring and management of the Dell server’s PERC9 RAID controller and SAS Controller Monitoring.
For more information, visit the Dell Tech Center page for iDRAC , or their page for Lifecycle Controller ; or talk to a Dell expert .
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