Application Transformation

Transform your infrastructure to take advantage of new technologies

If you’re a federal agency IT director or manager, chances are that a large portion of your budget is going toward supporting legacy systems and applications. But many of these legacy environments simply can’t handle today’s real-time operational needs without time-consuming challenges and workarounds, generating significantly higher annual operating expenses and cost-per-transaction rates than updated open systems.

Updating your infrastructure paves the way for the efficiencies created by technology advances such as cloud computing, virtualization and big data solutions. Besides improving efficiency, newer systems also deliver higher performance, leading to faster throughput and more agile applications. Not only is transformed infrastructure more cost-effective to operate, its development and management resources are more readily available for support and upgrades, and often do not require the scarce and specialized skill sets required to operate legacy systems.

We can help you effectively harness and optimize new technologies with these steps:
  • Transition your IT investment from maintenance to innovation.
  • Prepare your agency for continual growth in addition to helping you quickly adapt and respond to changing demands.
  • Create a transformation roadmap in which your investment is allocated appropriately and executed on value-based programs and projects.
  • Enable a framework for the transformation to the cloud.
Portfolio assessment
As part of our portfolio assessment, we identify the best transformation strategies for each application based on your strategic mission outcomes: 
  • Re-host (optimize) – Migrate legacy applications to a lower-cost, open platform without changing features and functionality, typically mainframe to Windows, UNIX or Linux.
  • Re-architect (modernize) – Rebuild legacy applications to a new technology with improved functionality, usually by adopting service-oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Replace – Replace existing legacy applications with commercial off-the-shelf packaged software that is enterprise-ready.
  • Retire – Decommission legacy applications from the portfolio.
We can support your applications through bug fixes, patches, enhancements and upgrades, and basic user provisioning and support. Using our global delivery centers allows us to provide 24x7 resources and bring down the cost of basic support services, freeing up more of your resources for new application development.

Whether you need an end-to-end approach to legacy transformation or help with just portions of your efforts, rely on us — contact a Dell federal government expert to learn more.
  1. Application Modernization

    Application Modernization

    Overcome IT challenges by relying on a single application modernization partner to help manage your re-hosting and re-architecting needs.

  2. Application Re-architecture Technology

    Application Re-architecture Technology

    Capture, rationalize, and streamline your IT portfolio's business logic, data and application usage.

  3. engg

    Application Development and Maintenance

    Design, develop or integrate scalable applications to support next-generation technologies and processes.

  4. datacentr

    Application Management and Support

    Off-load day-to-day application management to Dell Services so you can free up staff and improve application stability.

  5. security

    Application Renewal and Transformation

    Update or migrate legacy applications from costly rigid architectures to agile environments.

White Papers

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