Shared Infrastructure: Blades

Blades — good things in small packages

Less is more
Most large organizations spend millions of dollars each year on IT. What if you could save just one percent of that outlay? What if you had additional resources to apply to business and product innovation?


Dell blade servers help you Reduce the amount of power you use
Dell blade server technologies use up to 10 times fewer power supplies for the same amount of processing when compared to Dell rack servers. (Based on 32 Dell PowerEdge R620s each with 2 PSUs for a total of 64 vs. the Dell PowerEdge M1000e with 6 PSUs which can power 32 Dell PowerEdge M620s.)

Blade servers can be key elements in reducing ever-growing power costs, and for implementing environmentally conscious IT initiatives.

In addition, they help you:
  • Achieve faster IT response
  • Blade servers offer easier setup and management, and simplify network infrastructure, so your team can do more.
  • Save space in your data center
  • Blade servers do more in less space, slowing the rate at which you must increase expensive data center footprints.
Our high-density blade solutions let you do more with less — more processing with less space and power, and with fewer resources. That's money in your corporate pocket.

Blade Server Portfolio

PowerEdge M
Dell M-Series blade servers are built for massive performance improvements.

The latest generation of PowerEdge M-series blade servers gives you unprecedented memory density and outstanding performance with no compromise on enterprise-class features. Our optimal blend of density, performance, efficiency and scalability is perfect for taxing workloads like email, database and virtual environments.

PowerEdge C
Dell PowerEdge C-series blade servers are hyperscale-optimized, and best-in-class for performance, density, efficiency and flexibility. Giving you superior efficiency in power, space and operating cost, PowerEdge C servers are ideal for initiatives like:
  • High performance computing (HPC)
  • Web 2.0
  • Cloud building
  • Telecom
  • Internet hosting
  • Big data applications
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