Combine the performance, reliability and flexibility of Windows® Embedded Standard™ with the security, ease of management and cost-savings of powerful Dell Wyse thin clients. Choose a Windows 7- or Windows 8-based thin client solution for:
  • Ultimate usability: Fluidly glide through graphics-intensive applications with a dual- or quad-core AMD accelerated processing unit (APU) and connect to a broad range of Windows applications and peripherals — all on a familiar Windows 7 interface, or the highly customizable, multi-touch-enabled Windows 8.
  • Security you can count on: Keep your apps and content safe in the data center with Wyse thin clients, which support a wide range of user authentication methods with a smaller attack surface than PCs. Your data will be extra safe with BitLocker drive encryption and Secure Boot, which is available through Windows 8.
  • Easy, scalable management: Conveniently and centrally manage your virtual desktop infrastructure with Dell Wyse Device Manager and Dell Wyse Configuration Manager, which scale as you grow from just a few to tens of thousands of thin clients. You can also use your existing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager software.