CEOs and their leadership teams need to innovate at every level of the organization to cope with macroeconomic stress, increased competition and radically shifting customer interaction. For IT professionals, the situation means they have to expand, renovate or renew their data center infrastructure to keep pace with changing trends without spending a fortune. Funding these initiatives must come from internal IT budget savings, and to do that, organizations must reduce IT’s internal operating costs.

 Using a straightforward economic framework to analyze findings, Dell-sponsored International Data Corporation (IDC) research found that systematically replacing x86 servers and related network storage arrays every three years ― often by leasing and then returning equipment ― is at least 25.4 percent less expensive than installing and operating equipment for six years. The principal cost driver is that once the fourth year is reached, support requirements for x86 servers and network storage arrays increase substantially, radically raising operating expenses.

 The IDC research derived data from two separate studies on actual support cost experiences of equipment based in the United States, European Union and select Asia-Pacific countries. Survey findings are based on end-user experiences, with many IT professionals reviewing data on their operating environment as an average across a large portfolio of devices.