Unified Communications (UC) consolidates telephony and business conferencing on the IP network — helping improve real-time collaboration. However, real-time collaboration applications for UC require a network infrastructure with additional bandwidth and capabilities, such as high availability and quality of service.

Successfully deploy a UC environment with Dell networking solutions and services. Discover how UC can help you maximize productivity and reduce the cost of your networking infrastructure.

Dell solutions and services include networking, servers, storage, services and support designed to work together in an efficient and secure manner — helping deliver optimal performance for UC and other applications. Dell solutions deliver open and standards-based networking solutions that include:

  • High-performance 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)
  • Management software tools
  • Dell PowerConnect W Series switches
  • PowerConnect and Dell Force10 wired networking equipment

Dell Services can help you evaluate, asses, design and implement UC in your environment using a standard and repeatable set of services that include:

  • Estimating your UC-specific traffic and quantifying the characteristics of your current network infrastructure
  • Performing a UC network assessment
  • Validating your data network and evaluating its ability
  • Identifying networks that need upgrades and proposing a network design

The next-generation networking approach of Dell to architectures, software and management tools can help you streamline, and simplify operations and service delivery. The embedded intelligence throughout the network can help drive coordinated orchestration in order to help deliver optimum performance.