This reference configuration describes a reference architecture to implement a Microsoft® Fast Track Data Warehouse using Dell™ PowerEdge™ R710 and Dell/EMC AX4-5 storage. The goal of the Microsoft Fast Track program is to define a methodology for building a balanced and optimized hardware and software configuration specifically for Microsoft® SQL Server® Data Warehouse deployments.

Using a building block approach, a Microsoft Fast Track solution offers a cost-effective and proven platform that has been tested and optimized to offer customers faster time to deploy and configure a data warehouse infrastructure.

A data warehouse is the central component in a business intelligence solution that stores large quantities of data and information. As data continues to grow at a fast pace, optimizing data retrieval is crucial for organizations to maintain service-level agreements (SLAs). Microsoft Fast Track provides a framework that enables customers to select a reference architecture that has been designed with those principles in mind that best fit their needs, the amount of data and their performance requirements.