The world's growing demand for energy means increased dependence on technology to find and capture scarce resources, optimize transmission and distribution, and innovate for a greener tomorrow. Whether you’re monitoring an electrical grid, exploring deep into the earth, or harnessing the power of wind, you need the right IT solutions to transform and refine your business processes. Our energy offerings help you achieve the right levels of performance so you can make energy-smart decisions fast:
  • Dell Upstream Exploration provides innovative technologies for capturing, analyzing and storing seismic data so you can make critical decisions quickly and accurately. Our solution supports advanced processing performance, detailed graphics, reliable data storage and vast memory accessibility to handle a magnitude of research-generated information.
  • Dell Smart Grid Data Management combines high-performance computing, networking and storage to manage data and provide actionable results in real time. Based on customer requirements and the age of your data, Dell’s solution provides three tiers of storage, enabling you to optimize performance at a low cost. You can intelligently manage your distribution networks, minimize and potentially avoid outages and improve service to your customers through an innovative application of smart grid technologies.
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