Application Modernization

Overcome the legacy challenge

Legacy modernization can make your application environments more efficient, responsive and competitive. It can also put your business in a better position to address new requirements such as cloud computing, mobility and virtualization. 

Dell application modernization services can help your business:
  1. Application Modernization

    Application Re-hosting

    Reduce costs and enhance efficiency by migrating and modernizing legacy applications and data.

  2. Application Modernization

    Application Re-architecture

    Increase business agility, reduce risk and enable strategic initiatives by re-architecting your legacy applications.

  3. Application Modernization - Portfolio Assessment

    Portfolio Assessment

    Develop an application modernization strategy designed to meet your organizational needs within your specified time frame.

  4. SAP Upgrade Migration Services

    SAP Upgrade and Migration Services

    Upgrade your SAP applications and move them to more efficient platforms to improve performance and reduce management costs.

  5. Application Modernization Blueprint Accelerator

    Application Modernization — Blueprint Accelerator

    Capture a digital snapshot of your current application and business landscapes.

  6. UNIX-to-Linux Re-hosting

    UNIX-to-Linux Re-hosting

    Move from proprietary reduced instruction set computing (RISC)/UNIX systems to industry-standard servers and open solutions.

  1. Mainframe Re-hosting

    Mainframe Re-hosting Technology

    Dell Mainframe Re-hosting technology preserves application investments and extends the benefits of distributed platforms to mainframe assets.

  2. Mainframe Re-hosting Reference Architecture (MRRA)

    Mainframe Re-hosting Reference Architecture

    Simplify the move to industry-standard systems while reducing migration risk, cost and deployment time.

  3. COBOL Migration

    Dell Enterprise COBOL

    Develop and deploy business-critical COBOL applications on open systems. Migrate existing legacy interactive and batch environments, with little or no code change.

  4. Application Re-architecture Technology

    Application Re-architecture Technology

    Capture, rationalize, and streamline your IT portfolio's business logic, data and application usage.

Learn how Dell Services’ Application Modernization solutions are helping organizations drive business results.

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    Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC)


    Travel industry reporting corporation works with Dell™ Services to migrate mission-critical applications from legacy mainframe systems to a new, service-oriented architecture to reduce costs and risks, and increase business agility.

  2. Click here to read PDF

    Singapore Exchange (SGX)


    Asia’s second largest listed exchange implements a scalable, industry standard platform & enhances efficiency while reducing IT costs through mainframe migration with Dell Application Modernization services & Dell Mainframe Re-hosting technology.

  3. Click here to read PDF

    P2 Energy Solutions


    Re-architecting approach helps specialized software and data solutions leader protect and extend legacy application.

  4. Click here to read PDF

    Instituto de Gestão Financeira e Equipamentos da Justiça (IGFEJ)


    Mainframe migration reduces maintenance costs and enhances flexibility for Instituto de Gestão Financeira e Equipamentos da Justiça.

  5. Click here to read PDF

    Böhler Edelstahl


    Mainframe rehosting technology delivers solid performance to Böhler Edelstahl

  6. Click here to read PDF

    NYSE Euronext


    NYSE Euronext re-hosts mission-critical trade processing system to keep up with market change and growing trading volumes in a cost-effective manner.

  7. Click here to read PDF

    21st Century Insurance


    21st Century Insurance migrates off mainframe.

  8. Click here to read PDF



    Hermes migrates mainframe application environment to open systems.

  9. Click here to read PDF



    Reducing IT operating costs and improving data access.

  10. Click here to read PDF

    Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha


    Growing user base and service offerings drive need for change.

  1. Mainframe ROI Calculator

    Mainframe Re-hosting Quick ROI Calculator

    The Quick ROI Calculator can assist you in determining a general multiyear cost-benefit comparison of a re-hosted solution from Dell, versus your current mainframe environment.

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    Mainframe Re-hosting Software Data Sheet

    Reduce operational costs with Dell mainframe re-hosting software, which enables you to run online and batch workloads on cost-effective industry standard systems.

  3. Click here to read PDF

    Mainframe Re-hosting Reference Architecture Data Sheet

    Create a roadmap for success that simplifies application migration and modernization.

  4. Click here to read PDF

    Application Modernization Data Sheet


    Innovative application modernization services to drive competitive advantage.

  5. Click here to read PDF

    Application Blueprint Accelerator Data Sheet

    Capture a digital snapshot of your current application and business landscapes with this suite of QuickStart services.

  6. Click here to read PDF

    Re-architect Solution Data Sheet

    Reduce operational costs by migrating legacy systems to modern, agile platforms.

  7. Click here to read PDF

    Portfolio Assessment Datasheet

    Take the first step toward modernizing your legacy applications with a portfolio assessment.

  8. Click here to read PDF

    Optimizing end-to-end application migration and modernization

    Migrate business-critical UNIX applications to open, x86-based systems.

  9. Modernize legacy applications

    How to modernize legacy applications and be certain of your ROI (Gated Asset)

    Hear a discussion of today’s top modernization challenges and learn practical recommendations to minimize risk and lead an application transformation initiative with certainty.

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    Transitioning from Micro Focus COBOL to Dell Enterprise COBOL - white paper


    Convert your applications from Micro Focus® COBOL platforms, such as Micro Focus Server Express™ and Net Express®, to Dell technology to gain the advantage of a COBOL development and Java deployment model without rewriting or retraining and dramatically lower your COBOL licensing fees.

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    Re-hosting mainframe workloads - white paper


    Mainframe re-hosting solutions from Dell provide an alternative which safely extends the benefits of an open environment to your custom legacy assets. This white paper describes the modernization options available for mainframe application workloads and the central elements of Dell’s offering for re-hosting legacy applications and data.

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    Transaction Processing Environment Data Sheet

    Preserve and extend business logic, data and client interfaces by re-hosting mainframe applications to industry-standard systems.

  13. Click here to read PDF

    Batch Processing Environment Datasheet

    Bring the best aspects of mainframe job management and processing to cost-effective industry-standard systems to protect your valuable batch investments.

  14. Plan your legacy transformation

    Challenges and Success Factors in Application Management Engagements - White Paper (registration required)

    This white paper will help you to identify application modernization challenges and success factors.

  15. Click here to read PDF

    Dell Enterprise COBOL Data sheet

    Migrate legacy COBOL applications to a cost-effective, high-performance platform.

  16. Click here to read PDF

    Dell Re-architecture Methodology - white paper


    The Dell Application Re-architecture approach leverages your existing business logic, data and application usage to redevelop your legacy applications to fully exploit modern technologies. This paper details Dell Services’ three-phased approach to re-architecting legacy applications.