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Information Security for Small Businesses to Large Corporations

Cyber security breaches can happen to any organization at any time. Whether you're small business with one location or a large corporation that is worldwide, an information security breach is inevitable. How well is your network protected? Do you have the man power to monitor your small business cyber security 24x7? Do you have an IT security plan that is fast enough to cover your global assets? A network security breach can result in the loss of intellectual property, money, productivity or reputation. Regulatory fines for non-compliance may also apply.

Use Dell’s award-winning Information Security Services & Risk Assessment/Management Solutions to build layers of defense that can help reduce risk. With PCI Compliance Solutions for payment card security, Managed Firewall Security to monitor device events and Penetration Testing Services to expose potential vulnerabilities, Dell is here to help.


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Penetration Testing Penetration Testing
Is your network locked down to prevent a determined attacker from getting in? A penetration test simulates a real-world cyber-attack to expose vulnerabilities.

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Managed Web Application Scanning Managed Web Application Scanning
Need a way to proactively secure your internal and external web apps? Our Managed Web Application Scanning Service identifies vulnerabilities that could leave your network, data and applications open to a cyber-attack.

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Managed Vulnerability Scanning Managed Vulnerability Scanning
Has your network applied the latest IT security patches? Have new devices been added? A Vulnerability Scan collects data needed for audits, meet compliance, and reduce cyber security risks.

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 Managed Firewall
Managed Firewall
Do you have firewalls yet lack the staff to manage them 24x7? Our managed firewall service takes care of the resource-intensive job of administering, monitoring and responding to device events.

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 Intrusion Prevention System and ManagementIntrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Management
Are your IPS devices tuned to handle current cyber threats targeting your network? Dell SecureWorks can shift the management burden from your shoulders to ours.

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 Security MonitoringSecurity Monitoring
Your security devices constantly generate logs and alerts. Do you have the staff to analyze and correlate them in real time? Network Security Monitoring from Dell SecureWorks offers 24x7 coverage.

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 Managed Vulnerability ScanningManaged Vulnerability Scanning
Are the latest patches applied to your network? Have new devices been added? A Vulnerability Scan collects data needed for compliance audits and helps reduce exposures to cyber threats.

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PCI Compliance PCI Compliance
If you transmit, process, or store payment card information, you must protect it. Large and small business Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance solutions are available to make sure your customer information is safe.

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 Managed Web Application ScanningManaged Web Application Scanning
Need a way to proactively maintain compliance for your internal and external web apps? This service identifies vulnerabilities in your large or small business IT security that could leave your network, data and applications open to attack.

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 Policy Compliance ServicesPolicy Compliance Services
If your organization must comply with regulatory requirements it can be challenging and time-consuming to define policies, manage them and report accurately. Dell SecureWorks can help you with Policy Compliance so you don’t face fines or penalties.

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IT Security Videos

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    Jon Ramsey, Dell SecureWorks CTO, provides a profile of the various company types and industries that can be a target for an advanced or advanced persistent threat attack.

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    Jon Ramsey, CTO of Dell SecureWorks and Dell Fellow, explains how APT threat actors can get into your networks and to your data.

  8. CISO Doug Steelman on APT threat actors: “They’re focused, organized and funded.”

    Dell SecureWorks CISO Doug Steelman provides insight into the mindset of hackers developing and deploying advanced threat attacks against their targets.

Information Security Articles and White Papers

  1. Managing Cyber Risk - Productively Engaging IT, the Board and the C-Suite

    How Much Should Your Organization Spend on Cyber Security? Your organization’s finances depend upon your network to run securely. But how do you know the right amount to invest in cyber security to protect your assets?

  2. CISO's Guide to Advanced Attackers eBook

    No matter the size of your organization, advanced cyber-attacks are a credible threat. Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) must address the risk adversaries pose to their organization.

  3. Which Assessment is Right For me?

    The best offense is a good defense when it comes to your network’s security. This paper provides guidance about fundamental tests and assessments that your organization can perform to evaluate your security posture.

  4. Accelerating Incident Response: How Integrated Services Reduce Risk and the Impact of a Security Breach

    There is no 100 percent fail-safe security program, device or system. It takes an orchestrated effort between managed security services, threat intelligence and incident response. This paper presents the advantages of a single-outsourced solution.

  5. Dell SecureWorks Receives Number 1 Rank as MSSP to Watch

    According to the report, "Organizations around the world continue to seek ways to address the increasing security risk landscape by leveraging MSSPs with experienced personnel and comprehensive security risk management capabilities."

  6. Why Data Protection Law Supports the Use of Managed Security Services: Debunking the Myths

    European data protection law permits an organization to use a Managed Security Service Provider ('MSSP'). This white paper explains the legal position and considers the characteristics of a good quality MSSP for data protection law purposes.

  7. Life After the ROC: Ensuring Ongoing PCI Compliance and Security

    This paper outlines the challenges of maintaining PCI compliance after achieving a successful Report on Compliance (ROC).

  8. Use your BYOD Program Securely: Small Business

    Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs are changing the IT landscape. Organizations around the world are embracing BYOD because it enables productivity. However, BYOD also introduces a new surface for cyber-attacks.

  9. Advanced Threat Protection with Dell SecureWorks

    Learn what you need to know about advanced threats so you can successfully defend against them.

  10. Top Two Information Security Challenges for Higher Education

    Higher education institutions can be easy targets for cyber-attack. Mobile devices present a new attack surface. At the same time, most IT departments don’t have the budget and people to address the risk.

  11. 7 Key Questions to Ask When Selecting an Incident Response Service Provider

    When a security breach occurs, time is not your friend. Plan ahead so you have the right processes and people in place to respond quickly. This paper provides a guideline for what type of questions to ask of an Incident Response services provider.