IT Consulting Services

Transform your IT landscape

Developed from proof-of-concept testing in our solution centers and backed by real-world experience in supporting a wide range of customer implementations, our proven approach helps you:
  • Understand the implications of new technologies through workshops
  • Assess your infrastructure to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Design a customized plan to address your organization’s specific needs
  • Implement market-leading solutions that help you grow and thrive
  • Manage the complete functionality of the entire engagement

Maximize the value of your IT investments today and shape an efficient, effective and scalable infrastructure through our IT consulting services.


  1. unified communications

    Unified Communications and Collaboration Consulting Services

    With Dell Flexible WorkStyle, this could be your reality. Flexible WorkStyle is aimed at creating a highly mobile, flexible workforce, empowered to connect and collaborate in real time.

  2. Headset woman

    Dell | Microsoft® Lync ® Consulting Services

    Integrate a unified communications solution based on Microsoft® Lync® into your organization. Let Dell help you address business need, replace an aging PBX system or combine email, voicemail, telephone, audio and video.

  3. industry perspectives

    IT Strategy and Planning Consulting

    Dell consultants can help your team assess the current state of your Enterprise IT (as-is), establish a new strategic vision (to-be) and prioritize a roadmap of change programs designed to help you transform.

  4. email and calending consulting services

    Email and Calendaring Consulting Services

    Dell consultants can work with your team to quickly integrate a solution based on Microsoft® Exchange™ into your organization. We can help your team create an email communications platform that’s stable, secure and available no matter what.

  5. IT Services

    Agile Consulting Services

    Dell Agile Consulting Services are designed to drive innovation and manage your application portfolio without the stress of hidden costs.

  6. document management services

    Document Management and Collaboration Consulting Services

    In this highly distributed global environment, organizations are challenged to increase productivity and innovation and reduce the operation cycle time by providing employees with tools for effective information sharing and collaboration.

  7. business continuity

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting

    Partner with Dell today and gain the skills, processes and technology to safeguard your organization from unexpected power outages, routine system upgrades and other potentially damaging events.

  8. ind-partners

    Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 Consulting Services

    Dell consultants offer a wide variety of services that will help organizations use Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 to unlock breakthrough insights and quickly build solutions to extend data across on-premises and public cloud.


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    Consulting for Microsoft® Lync® and Unified Communications Datasheet

    Whether your workforce is local or global, Dell consultants have time-tested methods for guiding your unified communications strategy on a path to grow with your business needs.

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    Dell Unified Communications and Collaboration Services Brochure

    Dell Services combine optimized technical architectures with delivery frameworks to lower costs and provide rapid results — bringing together global employees from different departments to help implement your Flexible WorkStyle transformation.

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    Dell™ Consulting for Microsoft SharePoint Datasheet

    Build a solution with Dell and Microsoft. Dell Services can work with your team to quickly assess, design, deploy and integrate a collaboration solution based on Microsoft SharePoint into your organization.

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    IT Consulting: Disaster Recovery Services Datasheet

    Dell IT Consulting Disaster Recovery Services help you take the right steps in achieving a robust disaster-recovery protection program.

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    Dell Consulting for Microsoft Exchange Server and Exchange Online

    Improve communications and lower costs with a more connected workplace.

  6. increase-productivity-by-collaboration-video-en.jpg

    How do I increase productivity by enabling real-time, anywhere collaboration?

    This video shows the benefits of collaborative teamwork using the Dell Unified Collaboration framework and Dell IT Consulting Services.

  7. Windows Server 2003 Migrations

    Partner With the Leader in Windows Server 2003 Migrations


    Migrating your enterprise to a modern Microsoft® Windows® operating system is a complex process. Dell has developed unique tools and proven practices to help ensure migration readiness. Learn how we can guide you through each stage of your migration journey.


  1. Network security appliances

    Data Center Transformation Consulting

    Our holistic Data Center Transformation Consulting approach combines the right people, processes and technology to transform your data center environment to drive efficiency, cut costs, slash risk and provide faster time to value.

  2. windows

    Windows Server Migration Consulting

    Are you ready for Windows Server 2003 support to end? Explore Dell’s migration Services, which are designed to help ease the transition to Windows Server 2012.

  3. mes

    Cloud and Virtualization Consulting

    Dell IT Consulting Services are aligned to the progressive Journey from Virtualization to the Cloud.

  4. IT Services

    Agile Consulting Services

    Dell Agile Consulting Services are designed to drive innovation and manage your application portfolio without the stress of hidden costs.

  5. retail success stories

    Efficiency and Management Consulting

    Dell consultants help you increase data-center capacity while improving reliability, reducing costs and saving energy. We can also plan, design and implement your next data center or implement a consolidation/migration of current facilities.

  6. Private account management

    Network Consulting

    All networks provide the simple but critical ability to share information, yet very few are able to harness its true potential for bringing entire organizations together. Team up with Dell to get the most out of your network.

  7. worried-about-migrating-from-windows-server-2003.jpg

    Worried about migrating from Windows Server 2003

    As the 14 July 2015 deadline looms for the end of Windows Server 2003 support, many customers are concerned there is not enough time to migrate all servers and applications. Dell provides comprehensive solutions to help organizations of all sizes at each step of their Windows Server 2003 migration journey.


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    IT Consulting for Data Centers Facilities Efficiency

    Dell IT Consulting services uses a proven process to help you extend the life of your data center.

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    Microsoft Private Cloud Accelerator Data Sheet

    Dell Services IT Consulting for Microsoft® Private Cloud

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    Choosing a Road to Hybrid Cloud


    A core part of the Microsoft cloud strategy is to enable customers to easily move workloads among on-premise, public and private cloud environments. This paper explores the flexibility, control, security, compliance and dozens of more positives of the hybrid cloud model, and how Microsoft Azure is meeting growing business needs.

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    Virtualization Readiness Assessment Datasheet

    Let Dell's dedicated teams, processes and technology help you quickly develop a comprehensive business case for virtualization. At the end of the engagement, we provide a detailed report, including valuable information on your macro-level utilization and inventory data collected by CiRBA® — our preferred analytical tool and partner.

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    IT Consulting: Networking Workshop Datasheet

    In this half-day workshop, learn how you can achieve a dynamic infrastructure and run your data center and networks more simply and efficiently.

  6. increase-agility-new-ways-video-en.jpg

    How do I increase agility with new ways to store and use information?

    This video provides insight into the ways a data and information framework can help you gain a competitive advantage, using consulting services from Dell.

  7. innovation-making-budget-video-en.jpg

    How do I drive innovation while making the most of my IT budget?

    This video looks at IT budget allocation and striking a balance between daily operations and innovation – and how Dell IT Consulting Services can help.

  8. increase-efficiency-delivering-agility-video-en.jpg

    How do I increase efficiency with new ways of delivering IT agility?

    This video discusses the many considerations when moving to the cloud, and how to smoothly make the transition with help from Dell IT Consulting Services.

  9. Dell Data Center Consulting Services Brochure

    Dell Data Center Consulting Services Brochure


    Dell's comprehensive and modular portfolio of transformational consulting services for the data center delivers outstanding, tailored support to help you increase productivity, collaboration and efficiency across your organization. Read this brochure to know more.

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    Dell Services Federal Government Alliant GWAC Data Sheet


    Reduce complexity and lower costs with IT solutions developed and delivered specifically for the Federal Government.


  1. Dell | Windows® Migration Services

    Dell | Windows Migration Services

    Migration Services designed to efficiently move your organization to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

  2. client mobility solutions consultin

    Client Mobility Solutions Consulting

    At Dell, we believe that a strong virtualization strategy can rapidly deliver on the promise of a modern, efficient and secure cloud environment.

  3. kace

    KACE Professional Services Consulting

    Dell™ KACE Appliances are low-cost, easy-to-use devices that deliver fully integrated and automated systems management solutions.

  4. IT Services

    Agile Consulting Services

    Dell Agile Consulting Services are designed to drive innovation and manage your application portfolio without the stress of hidden costs.


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    Make mobile solutions work for your business


    Businesses are keen to adopt mobility solutions, but often find it difficult to overcome challenges. They struggle to meet the need for greater user productivity while minimizing investment and support costs, and successfully addressing security concerns. And if a company is global, the need to create a consistent, worldwide mobility strategy compounds the problem.

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    KACE Implementation Services Five-Day Engagement Datasheet

    The Dell™ KACE Appliances are low-cost, easy-to-use devices that deliver fully integrated and automated systems management solutions to reduce the complexity of patch management, device discovery and many other tasks.

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    Overview on how to accelerate your Windows OS migration - Data Sheet

    Easy-to-use services to start or complete your migration from Windows XP

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    IT Consulting for Application Management

    Efficiently and effectively manage the lifecycle of your client applications.

  5. increase-productivity-by-mobilizing-video-en.jpg

    How do I increase productivity by mobilizing my workforce?

    Employees use many devices at work, but what about security and access? This video discusses a flexible workforce methodology guided by Dell Consulting Services.

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    Dell Workplace Consulting Services Brochure


    Dell's comprehensive portfolio of transformational consulting services for the workplace delivers end-to-end support solutions designed to empower your workforce, maximize productivity and increase overall enduser satisfaction. Read this brochure to know more.

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    Act Now, or Face the Consequences: Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Migrate Away from Windows XP Today


    IDC Whitepaper on the risks organizations face by not migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8 by April 8, 2014. Dell has migration services that will help you past roadblocks in your migration or deployment. Don't just migrate - Accelerate!