SanDisk DAS Cache

Manage easier

Deliver more insights in less time

Reap the rewards of application acceleration, exceptional IO performance and reduced latency for your current database environment.

SanDisk DAS Cache is a direct attached storage application acceleration solution — brought to you by Dell — that improves server utilization and drives increased workload performance. Using write-back caching technology, SanDisk DAS Cache enables data protection for both read AND write caching.

You can use this cost-effective solution in either Linux or Windows server environments to accelerate DAS IO for workloads like OLTP, OLAP, CRM, HPC, and Business Analytics.

Whether you’re a large enterprise striving to tame data indexing and search analytics — or a public organization wrestling with HPC — or a small enterprise juggling file systems, CRM or ERP — SanDisk DAS Cache integrates easily into your environment without compromising your data so you can:
  • Achieve faster response times
  • Increase transactions per second
  • Increase simultaneous users
These benefits, in turn, deliver specific workload improvements, like:

OLTP (online transaction processing)

  • Reduce your cost per user
  • Deliver more transactions per second while reducing your average response time
  • Increase the number of current users on your system

CRM (customer relationship management)

  • Search your customer data faster
  • Handle heavy analytics requests with ease
  • Substantially reduce data IO latency

Business Analytics

  • Gain rapid access to data with faster response times
  • Keep performance high and expand cache as your data grows
  • Analyze data at a more rapid pace
You can use SanDisk DAS Cache in next-generation Dell PowerEdge rack and tower servers along with support for the following:
  • Storage Controllers: Chipsets, HBA, PERC or PCIe
  • Connected media supported as cache devices: SATA and SAS SSDs, and PCIe attached flash such as PowerEdge Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSDs and PCIe flash cards including Fusion IOs*
  • Microsoft Windows/Hyper-V, Red Hat** and SuSE Linux operating systems
  • Select, direct-attached PowerVault storage
With SanDisk DAS Cache, we help you deliver more insights in less time, so you get the most out of your servers and your enterprise.

Talk to a Dell expert to learn how SanDisk DAS Cache can accelerate your DAS environment.

*Fusion IO PCIe SSD cards are pre-formatted with 4KB block size. However, SanDisk DAS Cache requires these drives to be reformatted to 512B block size. This may result in higher system memory utilization.

**XFS on Red Hat 7.0 Operating System is not supported by SanDisk DAS Cache at this time. Other file systems are supported in RedHat.