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  1. Dell Boomi – Data & Application Integration

    Enable a strong analytics environment with a real-time, single and accurate view of company data across multiple domains and sources. Dell Boomi brings together data from cloud and on-premise systems.

  2. STATISTICA — Advanced Analytics

    Simplify advanced analytics, data management, visualization and mining. Dell STATISTICA includes predictive modeling, clustering, classification and exploratory procedures in one software platform.

  3. Toad Data Point

    Access data quickly and securely using your existing IT and BI investments. Dell Toad Data Point can quickly connect and join data from various relational and non-relational data sources. Easily perform complex data manipulation from your desktop.

  4. Dell Cloud On Demand

    Public cloud delivered through an ecosystem of proven cloud providers that offer technologies, solutions and pricing models to meet your diverse cloud needs.

  5. Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop

    Deploy cost-efficient and secure data management and analytics. The Dell | Cloudera® Hadoop Solution can help optimize existing data warehouses to accommodate a wide range of analytics, query and transformation workloads.

  6. Toad — Database Development and Administration

    Improve productivity when you automate database development and management. Our Toad database software can help you develop optimal application code, monitor multiple heterogeneous databases from a single view and analyze transactions.

  7. SharePlex Connector for Hadoop

    Perform business-boosting analytics with real-time or near-real-time copies of source data by moving them to Hadoop. SharePlex™ Connector for Hadoop loads and continuously replicates changes from an Oracle® database to a Hadoop cluster.

  8. Kitenga Analytics Suite

    Perform big data analytics and eliminate complex, time-consuming manipulation of web-scale data resources. Kitenga Analytics Suite from Dell delivers integrated information modeling and visualization in a big data search and analytics platform.

  9. Dell Services

    Rely on expert guidance to improve your business intelligence, data management and analytics. Dell Services experts provide a comprehensive suite of solutions: advisory, architectural planning, development and implementation, and ongoing support.

  10. Business Intelligence

    Dell provides vendor-neutral business intelligence (BI) solutions that help you drive predictions, decisions and actions from the executive suite to the front line.

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