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Dell Flash-Optimized Storage solutions enable IT administrators to target specific applications with optimized, high-performance, low-latency storage, resulting in more efficient VDI environments, OLTP, high-end structured databases (SAP, Oracle, SQL), and big data analytics. Combining the speed of flash SSDs with the capacity of HDDs has enabled faster access to hot data, while keeping cold data that is not critically needed on high-capacity HDDs. For easy management and maximized effectiveness, Dell Compellent software-based storage features automated intelligent data tiering between flash SSDs and the HDDs.  A major barrier toward all-flash or hybrid systems adoption has been cost, since flash traditionally has been more expensive per GB than HDD technology. Dell, however, is redefining the economics of enterprise storage with flash at the price of disk.*

Flash at the price of disk*

The innovative flash-optimized solutions from Dell offer up to approximately 2x the price advantage over competitive hybrid solutions and up to approximately 59% lower cost than comparable solutions.* Now you can take full advantage of Dell software-based storage with automated intelligent data tiering. By cost-effectively keeping hot data on high-performance flash drives and cold data on high-capacity disk drives, you can reduce the cost of enterprise storage by optimizing performance for your data-intensive workloads without straining your budget or sacrificing capacity.

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Flash at the price of disk 

Enterprise-class performance

Dell offers versatile, high-performance storage and ongoing economic value for SAN and NAS environments with a virtualized, scalable pool of disks for block and file data. Its flexible architecture supports various drive configurations including all-flash, hybrid flash and traditional spinning disk solutions for enterprise applications and file workloads.
  • Achieve high IOPS with low latency at reduced cost when running OLTP workloads through automatic sub-LUN data tiering across HDDs, write-intensive SLC SSDs and read-intensive MLC SSDs.
  • Continually optimize performance and data placement as the system grows through intelligent tiering.

Exceptional efficiency

Redefine the economics of enterprise storage by deploying a single platform for block and file with built-in efficiency, resiliency and intelligence to optimize your IT budget.
Exceptional efficiency
    • Avoid the complexity and overhead of separate solutions by managing both SAN and NAS through a single interface.
    • Minimize time spent managing storage with intuitive and automated tools and reporting.
    • Deploy a field-tested design that can provide up to 99.999 percent availability with a 12-hour support option.*
    • Take advantage of Dell Copilot award-winning support services, a combination of centralized support, product education and sales resources that includes 24x7 active system monitoring to help improve performance and stability.

    Simplified scalability

    Scale with a flexible, next-generation architecture that readily adapts to business growth and evolving technologies without artificial restrictions or complexities.
    • Expand up and out across block and file without disruption or forklift upgrades.
    • Pay only once for features, even across hardware upgrades, with perpetual software licensing.
    • Increase flexibility in virtual environments and adapt to evolving technology and business growth with vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) primitives.
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    Changing the Economics of Flash Storage

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    Dell is the top vendor of choice for flash/SSD deployments, according to a survey of IT professionals taken by analyst firm SSG NOW.
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    InformationWeek award

    "InformationWeek 2012 Midrange Storage Array Vendor Evaluation Survey: Storage Evaluation Winner"
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    CoPilot  Combining centralized support, product education and sales resources, Dell Copilot Services includes 24x7 active system monitoring to help improve performance and stability