Dell and BMC: Cloud Computing

bmc logoCloud computing promises business agility with self-service, on-demand services where you "pay as you go." The challenge is to maintain control of the environment and comply with internal and external security and other regulations. The Dell BMC Business Service Management Expert Center helps you determine IT service value and delivery costs to help make the right investment decisions.

Dell and BMC offer an open platform option that preserves your flexibility when choosing future infrastructure components and management techniques. Dell leverages its experience from hundreds of outsourcing clients to deliver cloud solutions optimized for your business.

BMC software provides an end-to-end cloud management solution, including:

  • Cloud Planning and Design — Discover and assess existing IT assets and develop technical and business plans for transitioning into a cloud environment.
  • Cloud Lifecycle Management — Enable flexible provisioning of cloud services, using a service catalog to deliver single and multitier services, policy-driven placement and broad resource support for private, public and hybrid clouds.
  • Cloud Operations — Monitor your cloud to predict and repair performance issues before they affect users. Manage capacity to ensure optimal use of hardware resources.
  • Cloud Governance and Compliance — Run IT like a business, with visibility and predictability of financial metrics. View and manage asset usage for reduced costs.

BMC and Dell can help you quickly establish a robust and scalable cloud computing environment.

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