Converged Infrastructure

Optimize your IT with converged infrastructure

The number of governmental data centers has grown to be immense. Under the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), the federal government CIO has mandated that they must be reduced and collapsed into a more streamlined structure. This reduction in overall energy consumption and real estate footprint will provide reduced costs, increased security and improved efficiency. But how can you retool your data center to help accomplish this goal?

We can help you simplify IT, increase agility and lay the foundation for innovation. With our proven approach to IT convergence, you can minimize risk and reduce your overall IT costs — without limiting choice and flexibility.

Defining convergence

The IT industry defines convergence in a lot of different ways, but we offer a simplified approach that focuses on two perspectives: infrastructure and management.
  • At the infrastructure layer, you get the benefit of flexible modular, shared infrastructure building blocks (compute, storage and networking resources) that enable you to deliver applications efficiently.
  • At the management layer, you can automate manual, time-consuming tasks to move toward an agile, service-centric delivery model.

Reaping the benefits of flexible modular infrastructure
Transform your IT on your terms — at your pace and scale — on your journey to service-centric IT. Choose from servers, storage and networking solutions that embrace open, heterogeneous IT. Integrate this portfolio with your existing data center investments to create incremental, optimized solutions that increase performance, efficiency and cost savings.

Breaking down your IT silos
Don’t settle for a tightly coupled, one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, replace your silos of legacy architecture and complex management paradigms with an open strategic approach that gradually modernizes your application, infrastructure and management solutions.

Creating service-centric IT
Simplify and automate your data center operations from the infrastructure layer through to the application. Reduce IT management cost and complexity with solutions that natively integrate the tools you already use. Our private cloud solutions from Microsoft, Red Hat and VMWare enable you to lay the foundation for creating these benefits:
  • Service-centric IT
  • Optimized application delivery
  • Empowered users
  • Service-focused innovation
Our powerful, software-based management solutions enable you achieve these benefits:
  • Streamlined problem resolution
  • Pooled resources
  • Automated workloads
  • Dynamically allocated resources
  • Adoption of the cloud or cloud service that best addresses your needs

Streamline, automate and accelerate deployment and lifecycle management with our open, comprehensive portfolio of shared infrastructure, enterprise system management and cloud computing solutions.
Contact a Dell federal government expert to learn more about our converged infrastructure and management software solutions.