Your Converged Infrastructure Strategy

It’s important to have the right strategy in place when considering your converged infrastructure options among the wide range of solutions on the market. We take a holistic and long-term approach to infrastructure convergence according to our belief that the right strategy revolves around the following key ideals:
  • Simplified operations unify and automate management across physical and virtual infrastructure without compromising on domain-level control.
  • Flexible deployment provides options for fully pre-integrated systems, as well as more tailored, do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches for specific and unique use cases.
  • Complete integrated infrastructure gives you an end-to-end solution across servers, networking and storage, but also allows you to leverage your existing infrastructure investments.
  • Improved reliability ensures performance, availability and quality with pre-engineered design and more complete infrastructure visibility.
The Dell Active Infrastructure family delivers on these ideals through the following pillars:
  • Modular infrastructure that has scalable building blocks to satisfy the widest range of use cases, as well as the capability to converge fabrics across all of the common storage protocols.
  • Unified infrastructure management that provides simple and intuitive tools for repetitive, common tasks; it also provides integrated tools for sophisticated and specialized tasks.
  • Choice of delivery options that can provide converged infrastructure as a pre-integrated system, as pre-engineered or customized reference architectures or as a "purchase and assemble" package.
  • Solution reference architectures optimized for specific IT services like private clouds, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and enterprise applications.
Learn more about the Dell Active Infrastructure family that includes pre-integrated systems, Active Platform Architectures, an Active System Matrix and Active Solution Architectures.
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