Cloud Security

SecureStrengthen security and strengthen your business
Protect your entire organization — not just parts of it. Dell embeds security into every solution to create an end-to-end portfolio of integrated security solutions.

Respond swiftly to threats without hindering productivity
You can take full advantage of new cloud and BYOD opportunities with always-available cloud security solutions that help employees stay productive at any time, in any location.
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Eliminate the security silos and gaps created by isolated legacy solutions and start managing security as an integrated entity. With full-spectrum visibility into company-wide security, you can protect your data, ensure compliance and enable innovation.

Inform your decision-making process
Gather, analyze and share context-aware intelligence — system-wide — and make faster, more informed business decisions with Dell cloud security solutions.

Dell cloud security incorporates the following solutions:
  • Cloud Email Security Service: Protect your hosted email at an affordable, predictable monthly or annual subscription price with SonicWALL Hosted Email Security. Minimize upfront deployment time and expense as well as ongoing maintenance expense with Dell Email Security. Dell-hosted email integrates multiple anti-virus technologies — including Dell SonicWALL GRID Anti-Virus and Dell SonicWALL Time-Zero technologies — into one solution.
  • Dell SecureWorks Cloud Consulting Security Service: Embrace cloud solutions without worrying about security exposures. The Cloud Security Alliance cites security as the number one barrier to cloud adoption. If you are letting your concerns about security keep you from cloud opportunities, learn how you can establish a secure, compliant cloud strategy.
Regardless of your organization's size or business demands, we can help. Contact a Dell cloud-consulting security expert to get started.


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    Securing your Environment

    Keep up with constant and evolving threats to your IT environment. Learn how Dell SecureWorks can help you secure your data and reduce the risk of breaches, downtime and non-compliance.

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    Total Business Security

    Protecting your business with smart security


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    Navigating the Changing Cloud Security Landscape


    Learn about current major cloud security threats, how and why those threats' importance has changed, and the perceived versus actual threat levels. Find out how Dell's cloud security offerings can help you mitigate these threats.

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