Storage & Data Management

Achieve optimal data management

Storage is a critical component in the end-to-end enterprise. It enhances server capabilities and dynamically protects your company’s hard-earned data. Our storage solutions lower overall IT infrastructure costs and improve efficiency, enabling you to:

  • Store more data on less hardware across the data center
  • Scale performance and capacity as needs evolve
  • Protect data from downtime and disaster
  • Improve productivity
We offer new levels of innovation with:
  • Industry-leading deduplication and compression algorithms
  • Patented high-performance and highly scalable Dell Fluid File System (FluidFS)
  • World-class virtualization support and integration with VMware, Microsoft and Citrix
  • Embedded system intelligence
  • Advanced, intelligent auto-tiering
Reduce the time it takes to restore a server from 20 hours to 20 minutes by shrinking your volumes with deduplication and compression. Cut capacity requirements in half with thin provisioning, snapshots and replication. Save up to 60 percent of your storage budget.

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