Dell Fluid Cache for SAN: Accelerate application performance

How it works

Dell Fluid Cache for SAN is a flexible end-to-end application acceleration solution that reduces storage latency and customer response times, delivering up to 3.5 times faster orders-per-minute* and turbocharging workloads, such as online transaction processing (OLTP) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).
How Dell Fluid Cache for SAN worksDell Fluid Cache for SAN combines Dell Fluid Cache software, a cache-pool of servers with PCIe SSDs, connection to a low-latency network, and a Dell Compellent SAN that can result in up to 2.97 times greater TPM,* The solution can be deployed into an existing data center, or built new from the ground up; and management with Enterprise Manager provides integrated capabilities like automated tiering, cache-aware snapshots — saving time and resources.

Fluid Cache for SAN uses write-back caching technology to protect data from server to SAN, and it features hot-swap drives to help you avoid cache pool downtime or business disruptions.

Watch this video to see how Dell Fluid Cache for SAN works.

Targeted workloads

Targeted workloadsDramatically reduce OLTP average response times and VDI cost per virtual desktop. Dell Fluid Cache for SAN accelerates database and virtualization transactions, increases productivity and provides a better customer experience. It helps you satisfy your organization’s ever-changing computational demands and minimize latency in both read and write performance.
Learn how Dell Fluid Cache for SAN delivers faster database response times and produces extraordinary IO performance for OLTP, VDI and other workloads that must meet high customer expectations.

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Architecture design guides

Architecture design guides Explore configuration starting points for implementing Dell Fluid Cache for SAN in your IT environment. And learn about the versatile deployment options available to meet your specific workload needs. Whether you’re starting with new systems or are using a variety of existing components, the flexibility of Dell Fluid Cache for SAN allows you to start at the right size.
Deploy a system now to meet your current business demands, and be confident that you can easily scale the solution as your business grows.

Read architecture design guides to assist your own deployment.

Licensing options

Licensing optionsCustomers told us they wanted uncomplicated licensing options that didn't hinder business growth, so with Dell Fluid Cache for SAN deployment, we kept it simple. We license at the node level, so you don’t have to be concerned about cache size, CPUs or the number of sockets per server.
Purchase a three-node cluster license for initial deployment, and add nodes with expansion licenses when you need to scale up to increase application performance. If you want to try the solution before you commit, we even have a 90-day evaluation license.

Learn more about Dell Fluid Cache for SAN licensing options.

Market experiences

Market experiences Many analysts and industry thought leaders say we’re at the beginning of a massive market shift in which “active” (regularly accessed) data is moved from high-capacity hard drives to high-speed solid-state drives, helping expedite overall data access. Furthermore, SSDs are increasingly being used as cache in the data center to accelerate application performance.
Learn how this innovative enterprise-level caching solution can increase your speed of business to meet increasing demand. And read what customers and industry experts say about accelerating virtual workloads, reducing database response times and improving overall user experiences with Dell Fluid Cache for SAN.

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