The Dell Advantage for Windows 7

The time is now

The annual cost to support each Windows XP PC is five times the cost to support each Windows 7 PC, according to IDC. And Microsoft® plans to end support for XP on April 2014. Considering that a typical migration takes from 12 to 18 months, you need to start planning for your migration today — but don't do it alone!

We have thousands of hours of Windows 7 migration experience. In fact, Microsoft recently honored Dell for:

  • Providing outstanding services
  • Demonstrating excellence in innovation
  • Implementing global customer solutions based on Microsoft technologies
We collaborate with you to create the lowest-risk, most cost-effective plan to upgrade to Windows 7, including:
  • Planning for communication to stakeholders and users
  • Testing for application compatibility and remediating issues
  • Evaluating systems and peripherals for outdated hardware
  • Automating the deployment process
  • Preparing your System Center Configuration Management (SCCM) console and systems management processes for Windows 7
  • Training for your IT staff and users

Move your business ahead with Windows 7 advantages:

  • Screening for approved applications. AppLocker specifies which applications and versions are approved for your environment. This helps to keep nonapproved software from infecting your PC installation. 
  • Data protection. BitLocker and BitLocker to Go helps to keep everything from documents to passwords safer by encrypting your entire data drive. Files are automatically encrypted when saved to that drive.
  • Automated troubleshooting. Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) tool monitors user interaction through the keyboard and mouse activity, takes screenshots of the desktop (including multimonitor) and captures details about operating system and user-interface elements. 
  • Direct network access. DirectAccess enables access to the corporate network without requiring Virtual Private Networks (VPN) software. 
  • Improved remote connectivity. BranchCache® provides fast access to remote data by caching the data locally. 
  • Integrated information view. Federated Search combines search from local, network and internet repositories into a single view.
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