End-User Systems Management

Do more with less. That’s the expectation for managing client devices these days. But client systems management is challenging when you must support a growing number of devices - across multiple locations - with flat or declining budgets. In fact, recent IDC research1 indicates that more than 55 percent of overall IT time is spent on end-user device management, which can cause the lifetime maintenance cost of a device to be several times more than the cost of the device itself. We can help. Our client systems management solutions help you gain efficiencies in everyday tasks so you can reallocate time and resources to your business. By automating time-consuming tasks throughout the PC lifecycle, you can:
  • Deploy systems quickly
  • Monitor systems comprehensively
  • Update systems easily
Our exclusive technologies help you address even the toughest challenges, like enabling you to remotely update your entire fleet of PCs at once - even when they’re turned off. How can these technologies work for you?

You can:

1 Safe and Sound … IDC, 2013

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