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Dell expands lineup of open networking switches

With a new portfolio of flexible switches, Dell continues to lead the way into the open networking era.

Dell expands lineup of open networking switches Ready to manage 1, 10, 25, 40, 50 or 100GbE, new Dell Networking solutions easily adapt your infrastructure as workloads demand. All our new open switches give you the freedom to choose your network OS and software. This means more agility, more choices and lower costs than proprietary networks., giving you the power to transform your network and accelerate data-center innovation with simplified, high-capacity network fabrics.

Dell Open Networking switch solutions are cost-effective, easy to deploy and provide a clear path to software-defined networking (SDN).

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Optimize your data center

Optimize your data center In today’s data center, rapid increases in virtualization, cloud deployments and big data analysis have created new challenges as organizations look to build IT infrastructures that meet today’s and tomorrow’s business demands. Through Active Fabric, Dell has designed networks which are optimized for virtualization and cloud workloads, enabling greater server-to-server communication and overall data center integration.

Through Open Networking, Dell is one of the first tier-one networking companies that enables customers to choose from a range of leading network operating systems, helping to simplify data center fabric orchestration and automation.

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The freedom of open networking

The freedom of open networking Dense and efficient networking hardware and global support from Dell combine well with advanced offerings from our open networking partners. Together they deliver a broad range of next-generation network and software-defined data center frameworks. This gives you investment protection, direct access to open source innovations and real freedom from proprietary lock-in.

Closed, proprietary networks no longer meet the challenges of today’s modern data center. Advanced technologies like virtualization and cloud computing demand more. Our open networking offerings help you develop innovative solutions that better meet the strategic needs of your organization.

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Mobile and wired end-user networking

Mobile and wired end-user networking New applications and increased mobile access put major stress on the campus network. Mobile end users expect to collaborate from virtually any location, on any device and at any time. Dell campus networking solutions provide fast, efficient and secure wired and wireless access to help you meet new application and service delivery requirements. In fact, Gartner recommends that small to large organizations consider Dell for any global access layer solution.*

Dell Networking solutions deliver optimum speeds at maximum efficiency to handle bandwidth-hungry applications — all while centrally managing secure access control for all of the end-user devices on your wired, wireless and VPN infrastructure.

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*The Dell Networking Z9100 switch supports 100GbE bandwidth, up to 10x the speed of previous-generation 10GbE switches.
†The Dell Networking Z9100 switch is up to 1/5 the cost per Gbps than the Cisco Nexus 7710; claim is based on a Dell analysis using internal Dell pricing and Cisco list pricing (U.S. Dollars), December 2014.
‡Based on March 2013 internal Dell lab results using industry-standard network-design criteria, comparing Dell Networking S4810- and Z9000-based network solutions running Dell Networking OS 9 to comparable Cisco Nexus 7000- and 5000-series switch-based network solutions.
10x performance for big data
86% faster deployment