Enterprise Systems Management

Simplify and Automate IT Operations.

Your business depends on efficient management of IT infrastructure. You face the challenges of maintaining IT availability, improving productivity and reducing operational costs. At the same time, your IT resources must remain flexible enough to respond to dynamic business needs. Systems management solutions that drive operational efficiencies help you achieve dramatic improvements in the productivity and agility of your IT environment.

Dell’s OpenManage Portfolio and Active System Manager together provide comprehensive, customer-inspired, systems management solutions expressly designed to simplify, automate and optimize enterprise IT operations.

Maximize IT availability and cost-savings.

Dell OpenManage solutions deliver efficiencies in lifecycle management - deployment, updates, monitoring, and maintainenance - of Dell enterprise systems. They help you improve data center resource availability and cost savings with:
  • Intelligent, agent-free embedded management
  • Mobile access to data center hardware anytime, anywhere
  • Automated policy-based operations and schedules
  • Low-touch, reliable, template-based processes

Optimize IT productivity. Reduce operational expenses.

The Dell Active System Manager solution streamlines infrastructure provisioning, accelerates workload deployment and simplifies IT service delivery with:
  • A highly intuitive user interface and unified console
  • Service templates for reliable workload deployments
  • Open architecture that supports heterogeneous IT environments
  • Service mobility for movement of workloads across servers and other devices

Drive efficiency. Get the most from your enterprise resources.

The OpenManage Portfolio brings you innovative solutions that ensure your IT resources perform effectively and stay available anytime, anywhere your IT staff, business, and customers need access. And with Active System Manager, you have the tools to accelerate IT service deployment for increased agility and greater efficiency in your data center.

For additional information, please visit Dell TechCenter at www.delltechcenter.com or for assistance, talk to a Dell expert about bringing the advantages of OpenManage systems management solutions, Active System Manager, and Dell platforms, solutions and services into your data center.
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