Managed Services for Federal Government

Unburden your IT team from tedious tasks

IT should support your agency’s mission, not impede it. But when your IT staff is in the trenches supporting daily operations, it’s hard to get past day-to-day tasks and focus on the bigger picture.

Lighten the load on your overworked team by shifting your IT operations to Dell Managed Services for federal government. Let us take care of your time-consuming routine IT responsibilities so that you can reach these goals:
  • Relieve your understaffed IT team
  • Drive down IT costs and avoid cost surprises
  • Improve service delivery and minimize risk
  • Follow industry best practices
  • Focus on big-picture agency IT initiatives
Offload your data center operations
Simplify your data center operations by transferring your agency’s day-to-day tasks to our data center IT outsourcing services. From efficient architectures to high reliability and skilled IT professionals, you’ll get practical solutions and support that help you reduce costs and improve responsiveness.

Contact a Dell Services expert at (703) 289-3545 to get help with your federal government managed service needs.
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    Data Center IT Outsourcing Services

    Dell Managed Services for federal government offer cost-effective solutions to manage day-to-day data center and end-user management tasks so you can focus more on important mission-critical strategic directives.

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    End-User IT Outsourcing Services

    Lower costs, improve end-user satisfaction and attain superior service levels with tailored-made service desk and managed desktop solutions.

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    Improve productivity, end-user satisfaction and agency responsiveness

    How can you drive down costs and improve service delivery with data center and end-user management services? Download our data sheet to learn more.