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Advancing future-ready government IT reform

Federal agencies are expected to reduce costs, and at the same time, increase efficiency and expand services. This mandate is especially challenging when legacy systems and cumbersome processes consume your budget and hamper productivity. Moreover, continued budget restraints make achieving agency goals difficult.

We understand that IT is the driving force for federal government agencies, and next-generation technology is key to transformation. Together, we can help you drive innovation in government to make agencies more efficient and effective –and ultimately better serve American citizens. Learn how you can truly ‘do more with less’, reduce costs, increase productivity and break down barriers to citizen and organization interactions – all the while bolstering cyber security and compliance efforts.

We can help you:

  • Drive agility and performance with readily scalable, on-demand computing by connecting organizations to the cloud.
  • Transform data into actionable insights by virtualizing your IT environment to boost performance and make faster decisions.
  • Lower operational costs with automated tools and self-service capabilities.
  • Protect against attacks, leaks and isolation of malicious behavior with managed security and threat countermeasures.
 Federal Services
Learn more about our Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorized cloud offering.
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Embrace innovation and offer personalized services by seamlessly transitioning from legacy IT systems to converged, open-standards-based platforms.
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Federal Cloud Services
Finding a managed cloud that meets stringent federal requirements can be a challenge. We offer two powerful choices for cloud computing, both of which are geared specifically to the federal government: Cloud for U.S. Government and NIST Compliant Cloud. Start your journey now.

 Security Solutions
Protect your critical data and systems efficiently and effectively while complying with compliance regulations and meeting budget expectations. Learn more about our security offers.


Application Services
Update your infrastructure and gain unprecedented efficiencies through technology advances including cloud computing, virtualization and big data solutions. Start your transformation today.

Managed Services
Lighten the load on your overworked team by shifting your IT operations our managed services for federal government. Let us take care of your time-consuming routine IT responsibilities. Learn more about our Managed Services.

Workplace Productivity       
Workplace Productivity
Adopt solutions to unlock innovation that improves productivity, reduces costs and keeps workers connected to essential information. Get started today.

Learning library 
Learn the best ways get the cloud services that best suits your federal agency needsLearn all about our three-point cloud strategy and the benefits of cloud transformation in governmentCongressional Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group’s expansive report on the cloud
Identify the cloud services that best suits your federal agency needs.Our three-point cloud strategy ushers in cloud transformation in government.Don’t be a box hugger.

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