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Building a budget-wise, future-ready federal government

Your agency is caught between conflicting federal mandates to reduce costs while advancing government efficiency. How can you afford to move past the legacy systems and processes that consume so much of your budget? Retool your IT environment with emerging technologies and cloud-based delivery to help you operate more flexibly and cost-effectively.  

Our four-part approach to tech-savvy government gets you there simply, quickly and affordably: 
  • Build future-ready IT platforms – Accelerate the transition to scalable, agile IT environments such as cloud, virtualization and shared services to drive unprecedented efficiency and cost savings.
  • Empower agencies – Boost productivity and responsiveness by off-loading day-to-day tasks. Improve user satisfaction and service levels with a tailored service desk, simplified data center and desktop management services.
  • Engage an always-on workforce – Realize the benefits of anywhere, any-device access to maximize workforce productivity.
  • Secure agencies – Proactively protect everything from the device to the cloud with context-aware security services that predict, detect and stop cyberattacks.
Position your IT infrastructure to support tomorrow’s demands. Empower agencies with technology and processes. Unlock information from data silos. Build in security from the ground up. You can meet these challenges head-on with our suite of IT services — contact a Dell federal government expert to learn how we can help.

Executive Conversations

George Newstrom, vice president and general manager, Dell Services Federal Government, discusses with ExecutiveBiz the adoption of disruptive technologies in government and the need to improve private-public collaboration.
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State of Cloud Computing in Federal Government

State of Cloud Computing in Federal Government

Dell Services Federal Government's CTO Sanjeev Nehra speaks on panel at Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group discussing the state of cloud computing in federal government. See press release on new report, "Don't Be a Box Hugger," published by The Congressional Cloud Computing Caucus that provides comprehensive visibility into the state of business transformation via cloud computing in the federal government. Dell Services' customer, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, is mentioned in the report. See full report.