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Succeed in a complex economy

Today’s economic environment is complex and unpredictable. Thriving financial service providers adapt and innovate with more speed and intelligence than ever before. Today, the success of your organization depends on how quickly and smoothly you transition to new business models that lower costs, embrace new technologies and truly connect with your customers. Savvy IT partnering can get you there — streamline your operations, better manage risk and cultivate customer loyalty with our solutions for banking and financial markets.

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  1. Performance assessment

    Find out how your specific databases' performance metrics could improve with the adoption of the high-performance solution. Contact us to discuss whether your organization qualifies for a no-cost, no-obligation on-site assessment.

  2. Evolving shared infrastructure in large data centers

    Massive data workloads for high-performance computing, Web 2.0, online gaming and cloud-based applications call for high-density, power-efficient scale-out systems. Dell PowerEdge C8000 series servers help advance scale-out computing innovation.

  3. Report Highlights: STAC M2™ Benchmarks

    View highlights of STAC M2™ benchmarking results for Dell C6100 servers running our partnered low-latency solution for algorithmic trading environments.

  4. Customer Analytics for banks

    Get the tools you need to stay ahead of ever-changing customer preferences.

  5. Payments Insourcing Dashboard and Payments Workbench

    Repair and approve insourced payments from any bank. Learn how Dell provides comprehensive exception management functionality required for smooth monitoring of transaction processing and seamless problem resolution for your payments transformation.

  6. Core advisory engine and tablet applications

    Extend rich and collaborative financial planning delivery to multiple channels. Keep your existing back-end system while providing the mobility that advisors need for face-to-face client consulting.

  7. EDGE Marketplace core software engine

    Capture derivatives markets with our OTC-optimized electronic trading solution, which is built on software from our partner Baymarkets™. The powerful EDGE software framework uses open API, based on the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol.

  8. Online Catalog Redemption Services

    Execute on your organization's loyalty goals with our partner-based service, Online Rewards Marketplace.

  9. Zafin Labs

    Expand relationship-based pricing by offering discounts on various parameters such as priority of payment, degree of repair, submission time and more. Integrate your payments system with Dell loyalty solutions developed with Zafin Labs.

  10. The RWC Group

    Optimize business processes, train resources and validate end-state payments system performance using system accelerators from Dell partner RWC Group.

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