Payments Systems Transformation

Retrofit and revitalize your payments systems

Each month, your payments system acquires more users and a higher proportion of electronic transactions. This new growth demands scalability and real-time responsiveness, which most legacy systems cannot easily accommodate. They treat the mix of payment streams as separate activities, resulting in mixed-format messaging, duplicate processes and redundant modules that prevent flexibility.

Are you looking for a centralized shared-services capability for payments? Our Payments Systems Modernization solution uses an open framework and consulting-led methodology to incorporate your existing investment as much as possible, and then accelerate the transformation with compatible components from our partners. Over time, our solution can reduce both payment operations cost and systems support cost by up to 30 percent and help increase straight-through processing (STP) by up to 90 percent.

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  1. Consulting for Payments Transformation

    Consulting for Payments Transformation

    Take risk and guesswork out of your payments modernization initiative. Entrust your critical, complex process to Dell experts from all facets of the industry, from business process reengineering, to software and security, to processing and network.

  2. Cards Services

    Cards Services Optimization

    Rely on Dell for industry expertise on issuing, globalizing and supporting credit, debit and prepaid card applications. Count on us for card security, compliance and innovation.

  3. PCI compliance with SecureWorks

    PCI Compliance Certification with Dell SecureWorks

    Get certified to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) through Dell SecureWorks.

  4. Banking application testing

    Banking Application Testing

    Validate implementation or upgrade release readiness with Dell's testing expertise and our proprietary regression-testing IP, specially formulated for the Banking industry.

  1. Semi-open Framework

    Semi-open Application Framework

    Gain flexibility and cost advantage by streamlining processes and support for many core payments functions. Get there faster with our extensible framework and processing engine, a model Gartner recommends to banks wanting quick results.

  2. Solution Accelerators

    Solution accelerators

    Save time and expense with readily deployable applications and reference solutions prevalidated for integration in our payments application framework. Maximize the value of your current infrastructure with Dell solution accelerators.

  3. Payments Insourcing Framework

    Payments Insourcing Dashboard and Payments Workbench

    Repair and approve insourced payments from any bank. Learn how Dell provides comprehensive exception management functionality required for smooth monitoring of transaction processing and seamless problem resolution for your payments transformation.

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    Dell Payments Test Harness Brochure

    Dell can help you improve the performance and testing time of your payment applications with our payments testing services. As a leading provider of payments solutions for over 15 years, we help global banks and clearing houses make their payments business into a more profitable business with strategic value.

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    The Digital Bank of the Future, Maximising Customer Engagement


    The banking technology landscape has been reshaped within the last 10 years by mobility, cloud, big data/analytics, social media and new enterprise technology platforms and toolkits. This white paper explores digital transformation in other industries, as well as the opportunities presented by the digital revolution and how these forces are impacting the banking paradigm.

  1. Dovetail


    Learn about Dell's reference-solution software component provider for our Payments Systems Transformation. We incorporate Dovetail's payments platform and tailored reference solutions as needed to reach your specific goals and objectives.

  2. VocaLink


    Find out more about Dell's partner for developing state-of-the-art payment applications that can process billions of transactions. VocaLink's offerings and solution accelerators cut time and cost for our Payments Systems Transformation solution.

  3. Apply Financial

    Apply Financial

    Obtain and offer mobile payments management across most mobile device platforms through Dell's partner in mobile banking and mobile payments. Apply Mobile is deployable for use in either a consumer or corporate user environment.

  4. RWC Group

    The RWC Group

    Optimize business processes, train resources and validate end-state payments system performance using system accelerators from Dell partner RWC Group.

  5. Zafin Labs

    Zafin Labs

    Expand relationship-based pricing by offering discounts on various parameters such as priority of payment, degree of repair, submission time and more. Integrate your payments system with Dell loyalty solutions developed with Zafin Labs.