Dell OpenManage Printer Manager

A Unified View of Your Printer Network

Day-to-day IT management is complex enough without communication breakdowns in your printer management system. Give your IT managers the capacity to quickly and easily monitor, manage and report on network printers from the Dell­™ OpenManage™ Printer Manager v2 (OMPM) centralized dashboard. Dell OMPM can help you troubleshoot issues before they start with comprehensive, up-to-date reporting; a friendly, easy-to-use interface; and oversight of your network printers for quick triage that can save you time and money.

Use Dell OpenManage Printer Manager to:

  • Locate printers that have errors and identify problems, enabling IT to take the appropriate actions to remedy the situation
  • Alert you via email notifications when a printer needs attention
  • Remotely monitor toner and paper-in-tray status on most printer models
  • Group multiple printers with similar setups together for easy upgrades of all the printers in the group

Simplify Management

OMPM frees your IT staff to focus less on printer management and more on innovative projects that help drive business results. This comprehensive printer management package simplifies IT's job with:
  • An installer file for quick and easy deployment of all documents, applications, databases and dependencies (Java™, PostgreSQL, JBoss™ and so on)
  • Centralized control of multivendor network printer fleet in one tool
  • The ability to view inventory and manage the printer environment from a web browser
  • A database to capture audit logs and track all printer events, alerts and changes
  • Scheduled cleanup and backup tasks to ensure that your stored data is relevant and storage resources are maximized
  • Printer grouping based on environment-specific requirements

Get the information you need, when you need it

OMPM features a friendly and flexible Windows®-based graphic user interface design allowing for real-time printer monitoring, preconfigured email alerts, and comprehensive default and customizable printer status reports. That means you'll be able to respond effectively to technical issues on the spot using the latest, most accurate information.

Help your IT department save money and stay a step ahead of business disruptions with Dell OMPM and supported Dell printer models. You can also download Dell OMPM at no cost and get entitled to Dell support services if you have a valid Limited Hardware Warranty with a valid Dell ProSupport™.

Download the 30 days trial version of OMPM V2 and try it for yourself. The default login details for the OMPM V2 is as follows — Username: admin, Password: welcome.

To register for a full version and receive the license, please complete this form.