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Simplify desktop management, improve security, reduce operational expenses and get your business value to market fast ― with desktop virtualization, user-centered Dell cloud client computing solutions. You can rely on predictable cost for secure, scalable access to your desktops, data and applications.


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Data Center Components

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Dell cloud client computing incorporates high-performance data center systems (servers, networking and storage), as well as services, software and clients (thin, zero and cloud PC) to provide end-to-end solutions:

Secure your content, offer workplace flexibility to your employees, return management control to IT and realize huge productivity gains from each on-site, mobile and remote employee with cloud client computing.

Cloud client computing provides a bulletproof answer to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) challenges. You can scale to tens of thousands of mobile and remote endpoints without exposing your data to outside threats. Your employees can use their own devices to get work done, but your data never has to leave the secure cloud.

Cloud Client Computing TCO Calculator
We can help you build a business case for transforming your organization. Regardless of your company’s size, business demands or IT strategy, you can move from the status quo to a new paradigm of mobility, security and productivity with Dell cloud client computing. Calculate your potential total cost of ownership (TCO) in seconds with the Dell cloud client computing TCO Calculator. Put a number on what you’ll save by moving from a traditional desktop environment to a Dell desktop virtualization solution.

Contact a Dell expert and discover how easy it is to simplify client management, strengthen security and increase workforce productivity with Dell desktop virtualization solutions.
Choose from a broad selection of Desktop Virtualization Solutions that include everything you need to host your virtual desktops in the cloud, including Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and Dell options.
  • DVS Enterprise Solutions include pre-configured, pretested, on-premise desktop virtualization solutions designed for demanding IT environments. You can engage Dell to deploy and manage your DVS Enterprise solution or do it yourself.
  • The DVS Simplified Appliance is an on-premise solution that includes all the data center hardware, virtualization software and Dell support services you need to run a less complex desktop virtualization environment.
  • Dell Desktop as a Service (DaaS) hosts and manages your virtual desktops from the cloud. With Dell DaaS, you manage your virtual desktop images with an intuitive self-service portal and we implement, manage and maintain your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in a Dell Cloud.

Choose from a wide variety of Dell Wyse thin, zero and cloud PC clients to complement your cloud client computing solutions:

  • Dell Wyse thin clients include the cost-effective T class, the high-performance D class and Z class clients, as well as X class mobile clients with your choice of Windows Embedded, Linux or Dell Wyse ThinOS firmware.
  • Dell Wyse zero clients include the Xenith family for Citrix, the E class for Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server and the P class for VMware.
  • Dell Wyse cloud PCs are an alternative to traditional virtual desktops and are powered by Dell Wyse WSM software in an on-premise cloud. These are full performance diskless PCs with centralized management and storage, to provide the security and management benefits of the cloud and the full performance of a locally executing PC.

Dell Wyse tools and software complete the picture:

  • Dell Cloud Client Computing Advisor enables you to easily configure customized, end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions for up to 50,000 end users.
  • Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager provides a comprehensive fixed and mobile device, application and user management console as a cloud-based service.
  • Dell Wyse Device Manager (WDM) enables easy configuration, insight and management of up to tens of thousands of endpoint devices running Dell WDM:
    • Provide secure HTTPS-based communications and a powerful device policy for configuration management with Wyse WDM.
    • Enable real-time asset management and health monitoring based on an industry-standard SQL database and optimize remote software repositories.
  • Dell Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM) enables automated out-of-the-box configuration and management for up to thousands of Windows Embedded based thin clients.
  • Dell Wyse PocketCloud family delivers personal cloud and virtual desktop access from Android, iOS or select Windows 8 devices.
  • Dell Wyse WSM delivers OS and applications to stateless and diskless PCs, on-demand from the cloud. With WSM, IT costs drop sharply, users are much more productive, and migrating to new applications and Windows versions is fast and easy. You can simplify deployment by ordering WSM bundled on PowerEdge servers.
  • Dell Wyse Windows MultiPoint (WMP) delivers a shared computing experience similar to the traditional PC experience — for less cost and better management options — with the Dell Wyse WMP solution.