Dell Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft VDI and vWorkspace

Build on existing Microsoft® investments, avoid expensive licensing and provide flexible deployment with Dell Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft VDI and Wyse vWorkspace, powered by Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Hyper-V® 2012 R2. This cost-effective virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution provides significant cost reduction for storage with Microsoft built-in deduplication and Storage Spaces technologies. It provides simplicity, scalability, flexibility and high performance with vWorkspace.

Our end-to-end cloud client-computing solutions are optimized for desktop virtualization and include data center infrastructure, software, services and endpoints designed to accelerate deployment. Benefits include:
  • Cost-effectiveness — Leverage built-in Microsoft data deduplication and Storage Spaces.
  • Optimal storage — Reduce storage I/O and disk space with vWorkspace HyperCache, HyperDeploy or the Dell PowerVault MD1220 direct-attached storage enclosure.
  • Flexible deployment — Choose from several Dell PowerEdge server form factors, from as few as 10 users to up to tens of thousands of virtual desktops optimized for the most flexible workloads.
  • Centralized IT management — Manage remote desktop sessions, pooled or personal Windows® 8.1 VMs and RemoteApp programs and resolve issues from a single console.
  • Scalability — Deploy from just a few to tens of thousands of virtual desktops, whether you’re a small organization, a large enterprise or service provider requiring multi-tenant capable solutions. Add VM servers with the management wizard and take advantage of support for multiple Windows Server® versions (from 2003 R2 to 2012 R2).
  • Robust experience — Benefit from RemoteFX® for enhanced productivity, USB redirection, RemoteFX-optimized Dell Wyse endpoints and high-end graphics cards certified on Dell servers (for users viewing 3D or Full HD multimedia files).
  • Secure data — Provide highly scalable secure access service, single sign-on functionality and secure remote access to applications and VMs based on policies and multiple access factors.
  • BYOD — Provide support for Windows, WES, iOS, Mac OS, Android, HTML5-enabled browsers, Wyse ThinOS and more.
  • Unified Communications — With Microsoft Lync® 2013, end users can communicate from their Windows endpoints.
Use one platform to deploy flexible cloud- or client-hosted delivery options:

Desktop Sessions 

Desktop sessions
Concurrent users share server
resources with RDP-based
       Application Delivery

Application delivery
Applications are streamed from the
server to desktop clients. 
 Pooled VMs

Pooled VMs
Users are assigned dedicated
pristine VMs at each logon.
    Personal VMs

Personal VMs
Persistent 1:1 desktops are
assigned to specific users.
 Physical Desktop

Physical desktop
Users can connect remotely to
a physical PC at work.

  Client Hosted

Benefit from OS delivery and application
layering to cloud desktops.
Contact a Dell expert and discover how easy it is to streamline your IT and provide a cost-effective, end-to-end VDI solution.

VDI trial kit
  1. Virtualization

    Dell Wyse vWorkspace virtualization software

    Dell’s simple, flexible, high-performance desktop virtualization software that includes diagnostics and monitoring features.

  2. Cloud Client-Computing Advisor

    Cloud Client-Computing Advisor

    Provides a detailed bill of materials (BOM) in minutes with a unique solution ID that you can share with a Dell expert to get a quote within a day.

  3. Poweredge 110 II

    Dell PowerEdge T110 II

    An affordable proof of concept (POC) for 10 VDI users.

  4. Poweredge T420

    Dell PowerEdge T420 or R420

    For your small office or for VDI in increments of 50–100 users.

  5. Poweredge Vrtx

    Dell PowerEdge VRTX

    Converged infrastructure for up to 500 users, ideal for space-constrained remote offices with standard power and need for low noise.

  6. Poweredge r720

    Dell PowerEdge R720

    Optimized for the most flexible or custom desktop virtualization workloads on Dell PowerEdge 12G server.

  7. Poweredge r730

    Dell PowerEdge R730

    Allows you to deploy VDI workloads on the latest Dell PowerEdge 13G server for maximum user density.

  8. Powervault

    PowerVault MD1220 direct attached storage (DAS)

    An enclosure for implementing Microsoft Storage Spaces on Just a bunch of disks (JBOD).

  9. Dell Wyse thin clients and end points

    Dell Wyse thin clients and endpoints

    The only provider of complete, end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions for your choice of zero, thin and cloud clients to access your virtual desktops.


  1. Click here to read PDF

    Reference Architecture for Dell Wyse Datacenter for vWorkspace


    Learn how to deploy remote or virtual desktops with Dell Wyse Datacenter solutions powered by Dell Wyse vWorkspace on Hyper-V or vSphere hypervisors.

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    Deploying Microsoft RDS with Storage Spaces and Dell PowerVault MD1220 storage arrays


    Microsoft® Storage Spaces enables administrators to create a cost-efficient and highly scalable storage solution leveraging industry standard servers, storage controllers and hard drives. This white paper includes a reference architecture for deploying Microsoft Remote Desktop Services with Storage Spaces and Dell PowerVault MD1220 storage arrays.

  3. Click here to read PDF

    Reference Architecture for Dell Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft® VDI and vWorkspace


    Leverage existing Microsoft® investments, avoid expensive software licensing and give your workforce the freedom they need. Deploy remote desktop sessions or virtual desktops, application delivery and physical desktops with Dell Wyse Datacenter solutions running Microsoft Windows Server® 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Dell vWorkspace virtualization software on Hyper-V®.

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    Dell Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft VDI and vWorkspace — Interactive Guide


    Learn about Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions based on Microsoft® Windows Server and Dell vWorkspace, including data center infrastructure, endpoints and services. This interactive guide includes hyperlinks you can use to find more information about the different elements.

  5. Dell Wyse Datacenter for Windows® Server 2012 Customer Brochure

    Dell Wyse Datacenter for Windows® Server 2012 Customer Brochure


    Simplify your virtual desktop management and improve data security, control and compliance with Dell Wyse Datacenter for Windows Server 2012 — a pretested, preconfigured and validated solution for implementing cost-effective, end-to-end desktop virtualization on Hyper-V.