Cloud client-computing and desktop virtualization

Dell cloud client-computing empowers IT 
Empower your IT professionals to protect vital content, sharply reduce the time and cost of managing desktops, support a vast array of clients, and enable user mobility. When you provide personal, secure access to individual desktops in the cloud, your users can access their data and applications at any time, from any device — personal or corporate.  

Dell end-to-end cloud client-computing solutions include optimized virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and other forms of desktop virtualization. With tightly integrated data center hardware, management software, end points and services that work seamlessly with Citrix, Microsoft®, VMware and Dell virtualization software, your customers can access corporate data and applications across a broad spectrum of use cases.

Maintain the most secure, manageable and reliable system possible with Dell cloud client-computing: 
  • Ensure data security — Dramatically reduce your risk of data loss by centralizing user data, applications and resources within a Dell Wyse Datacenter infrastructure. Wyse secure-access devices range from thin, zero and cloud clients based on a range of firmware options, including easy-to-use and self-managed Wyse ThinOS, our exclusive virus- and malware-immune client operating system.
  • Manage your system effectively — Cloud client-computing helps improve service delivery and competitiveness by simplifying IT, reducing complexity and providing flexibility. Streamline infrastructure management and optimize return on investment (ROI) so your IT professionals can focus on projects that make your organization more competitive.
  • Give your users reliable, unconditional flexibility — The Dell Wyse Datacenter infrastructure is designed specifically to offer maximum flexibility for customer environments while accommodating high user mobility and BYOD. It brings out the best in Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and Dell technology to best accommodate individual needs.
Our solutions are optimized for your environment and designed to integrate with your infrastructure: Dell also offers cloud client-computing for specific workloads, ranging from compute-intensive applications to Desktop as a Service: Contact a Dell expert and discover how easy it is to ensure security, manage IT and provide reliable flexibility for your customers with Dell cloud client-computing solutions.
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