Quality Care and Analytics

A future-ready analytics platform to support outcomes-driven care delivery

New risk-based, patient-centric models of care are supplanting the traditional fee-for-service reimbursement system. The new models focus on identifying individual risks and tailoring services to specific patient needs to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Also, increasing competition requires hospitals to market services with a more granular, consumer-focused approach. Both these trends require a more complex understanding of patients and the way that they interact with the health system.

Dell offers a broad platform of tools for data integration, data management and analytics that can be customized to your unique situation. You can implement the tools as a total package, or implement modules as you need them. The suite includes business and clinical intelligence, big data analytics, compliance and regulatory analytics, data management and informatics.

Whether you seek to improve patient outcomes, transform the health of a population or improve financial performance, Dell’s sophisticated analytic tools can help you better understand and manage the complex relationship between patients, health outcomes and healthcare systems.

Dell offers analytic tools for:
  • Physicians and ambulatory care centers
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Managed care plans and HMOs
  • Accountable care organizations.

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  1. EMR Optimization

    EMR Optimization Services

    Dell can help your organization fully leverage the use of technology that achieves higher levels of patient care.

  2. Clinical Consulting

    Clinical Consulting Solutions

    Healthcare organizations worldwide are implementing new clinical systems to advance their healthcare quality and patient safety goals.

  3. EMR Implementation Services

    EMR Implementation Services

    Dell Services provides expert, hands-on help with hardware selection, project governance planning, implementation execution, training, go-live, and post go-live support.

  1. Unlock Information

    Unlock Information

    Digital data is a hospital’s most valuable resource. Unlocking Information is a critical step in healthcare transformation.

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    Better Healthcare Starts with Better Information

    Ranked by Gartner as #1 provider of healthcare IT services, Dell serves more than 50% of US hospitals. See how Dell empowers providers to create better patient care.