Unified Clinical Archive

The Dell Unified Clinical Archive (UCA) offers intelligent, scalable and affordable storage and facilitates clinical collaboration

The capacity required to store medical image is increasing, as is the demand for accessing, sharing and protecting these images. To further complicate matters, today’s medical archiving systems are inefficient and lack scalability and interoperability. Protecting patient privacy and controlling costs are crucial. The Dell Unified Clinical Archive (UCA) addresses these challenges with affordable, efficient and scalable storage that protects privacy and facilitates sharing and integration.

The Dell UCA integrates with leading PACS systems. If you are a PACS vendor, our enterprise solutions are found here.

This customized solution has three components. First, the vendor-neutral Clinical Data Management layer aggregates patient data from all PACS, HIS and specialized imaging applications. It standardizes the various proprietary formats and allows you to consolidate a variety of clinical data. This eliminates proprietary silos and the need for expensive data migrations that disrupt clinical workflow. We offer software from multiple VNA partners to best meet your needs.

The Clinical Archival layer features on-premise and cloud archiving options that can be used independently or as a hybrid. Adding the cloud option (Dell Cloud Clinical Archive: DCCA) ensures business continuity, disaster recovery and instant scalability, with a one-time per-study fee that tracks with your workload and revenue stream.

Finally, the Clinical Collaboration Portal layer allows easy access, secure sharing and integration of clinical data across a variety of platforms in a patient-centric repository. This facilitates both image integration in electronic medical records and image sharing through a Health Information Exchange (HIE).

The Dell Unified Clinical Archive is ISO 13485:2003 certified. In the 2013 KLAS Performance Study1, “Image Archive 2013: Finding Out What is in Store for VNA”, the Dell Unified Clinical Archive earned the highest overall performance score among vendor-neutral archive companies. Dell also earned the KLAS 2013 Category Leader award for VNA/Image Archive2 and the Frost and Sullivan 2012 North American Company of the Year Award in Enterprise Imaging Informatics3.

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Ranked #1 in KLAS

KLAS report names Dell UCA as the Category Leader for VNA/Image Archive in the “2013 Best in KLAS: Software and Services” report

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    Enable safer, more effective care with automated dose insights by DoseMonitor® OnLine

    DoseMonitor OnLine, a cloud-hosted dose analytics service, provides a comprehensive solution for the delivery of dose analytics you require to optimize your clinical imaging and enables you to comply with Joint Commission dose-monitoring requirements.

  2. Click here to read PDF

    Dell Cloud Clinical Archive- Solution Overview

    Dell Cloud Clinical Archive-OnSite provides a complete set of data management services required for long-term access to critical clinical exam data across the imaging enterprise.

  3. Click here to read PDF

    Dell Cloud Clinical Archive- Solution Details

    Expand your capacity with the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive Dell Cloud Clinical Archive—Basic is designed for the clinical enterprises that require expansion of their long-term archive. This solution provides quick access to clinical data in case of onsite system downtime or in the event of any natural disaster.

  4. Cloud computing in Healthcare.jpg

    Cloud Computing in Healthcare

    David Zirl from Dell Healthcare shows how to enable healthcare ISV partners with a secure, cost-effective and future-ready medical archiving platform.

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    Automate your clinical data protection with Dell Cloud Clinical Recovery Plus (DCCR+)

    The DCCR+ extends our core digital image archiving and distribution services, Dell Cloud Clinical Archive (DCCA), to provide cross-platform backup and rapid data recovery as a service for transactional databases and file systems.

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    Enterprise distribution of medical information anywhere, at anytime

    Dell is introducing practical, cost-effective application-independent technology that will allow current and future clients to image enable their EHR and provide the infrastructure to participate in HIEs and RHIOs.

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    The Enterprise Archive — A strategy for patient-centric management of clinical healthcare information


    Integrate data across disparate healthcare software applications with Dell enterprise archive solution and move toward an information-driven healthcare environment. Discover how you can support a comprehensive EHR with a standards-based archive framework.

  3. Dell's-Unified-Clinical-Archive-is-more-than-just-a-VNA.jpg

    Dell's Unified Clinical Archive is more than just a VNA

    Dell’s Mitchell Goldburgh explains Dell’s enterprise imaging strategy for medical archiving.

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    Dell Cloud Clinical WebAccess

    Easy access to imaging files onsite or remotely Dell Cloud Clinical WebAccess solutions offer three versatile options that will provide you with easy access to patient imaging information whenever and wherever it’s needed: WebAccess, Web-Continuity and Archive Viewing Interface.

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    The Great Confluence


    How a unified healthcare data repository can help us find the insights we need for a better future

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    Securely store and share data with multiple caregivers: Dell's Unified Clinical Archive

    The Dell Unified Clinical Archive securely stores and shares date with multiple caregivers. This brochure details the challenges faced by CIOS and PACS administrators, and describes how the Dell UCA can expand storage capacity and simplify infrastructure.

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    Integration, back-end support key to Vendor Neutral Archive

    An ideal VNA may require components from multiple vendors. Skillful integration and dedicated back end support can make it work.

  4. Dell's-Unified-Clinical-Archive-more-than-a-storage-solution.jpg

    Dell's Unified Clinical Archive - More Than a Storage Solution

    Dan Trott, Dell Healthcare & Life Sciences executive, shows how the Dell Unified Clinical Archive addresses collaboration and security needs.

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    Dell Cloud Clinical Archive Viewing Interface (DCCAVI) IHE Integration Statement


    Examine the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive Viewing Interface (DCCAVI) version 3.2 Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Integration Statement and become familiar with integration profiles, actors and options that the healthcare solution supports.

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    Dell Cloud Clinical Archive IHE Integration Statement


    Study the details of the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive (DCCA) version 7 Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Integration Statement and learn about the integration profiles, actors and options that the healthcare solution supports.

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    Dell Cloud Clinical Archive V 8.1 HL7 Conformance Statement


    Evaluate the Health Level Seven (HL7) Conformance Statement for Dell Cloud Clinical Archive version 8.1. Examine the details of the inbound and outbound messages, as well as the segments that the healthcare solution supports.

Case Studies

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    Good Samaritan Hospital


    Large metropolitan hospital deploys Dell Unified Clinical Archive for image storage and archiving. The solution speeds up access to test results, enhances patient care and reduces IT costs.

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    Centegra Health System


    Centegra Health System migrates disparate files to a central archive to achieve increased uptime, free itself from proprietary file restrictions and eliminate forklift upgrades.

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    Trinitas Regional Medical Clinic


    Regional medical center has migrated its medical images to Dell Unified Clinical Archive, speeding up retrieval times, enhancing patient care and lowering storage costs by 25 percent.

Customer Videos

  1. centegra-health-system-using-dell-cloud-archive.jpg

    Centegra Health System using Dell Cloud Archive and Services

    Centegra selected Dell to address long-term diagnostic storage needs.

  2. maine-nations-first.jpg

    Maine HealthInfoNet--Nation's first state-wide image enabled HIE

    HealthInfoNet is working with some of Maine's largest health care organizations to pilot the nation's first statewide medical image archive using the Dell Cloud. With this new service HealthInfoNet, will reduce the cost of storage and transport of electronic medical images and make sharing these images possible through the health information exchange (HIE).

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    Agfa HealthCare delivers informatics solutions to healthcare providers worldwide to help advance improved clinical and IT efficiencies and the safety of care.

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    Apollo Enterprise Patient Media Manager

    Apollo provides proven clinical HIT media solutions that enable everyone in the healthcare chain to collaborate safely for the benefit of the patient.

  3. Barco


    Barco offers the widest range of FDA mammography approved display solutions in the industry all backed by our industry leading 5-year warranty.

  4. Siemens

    Medical Imaging IT from Siemens

    Siemens syngo Imaging IT products enable quality and efficiency improvements in clinical imaging workflow, while helping reduce costs.

  5. Merge Healthcare

    Merge Healthcare

    Merge Healthcare Incorporated develops solutions that automate healthcare data and diagnostic workflow to enable a better electronic record of the patient experience and improve the quality and delivery of patient care.

  6. Novarad


    Products are web based and include full featured viewers, complete PACS functionality, enterprise level archive, off-site data back-up, and intuitive scheduler.

  7. TeraMedica


    TeraMedica’s Evercore®, an industry-leading Vendor Neutral Archive, is a patient-centric software is designed to provide improved efficiencies of care in accordance with customer-centric requirements.