Clinical Consulting Solutions

Clinical Consulting Solutions
Healthcare organizations worldwide are implementing new clinical systems to advance their healthcare quality and patient safety goals. Our clinical consultants include physicians, clinicians, nurses, and administrators who bring an in-depth understanding of the clinical environment and the inherent challenges of adopting new systems. With such rich clinical expertise, our consultants can ensure measurable results in areas such as:
  • Application implementation and optimization
  • Improving throughput, efficiencies, and care delivery
  • Clinician and physician adoption
  • Improved patient satisfaction
Proven Methodology: ADOPTS, the formula for success
Our proprietary ADOPTS methodology was developed by clinicians and technical healthcare experts to address diverse clinical transformation situations and help providers improve healthcare for consumers and clinicians.The integrated ADOPTS framework is a standardized, flexible, and repeatable framework for all engagements. It provides:
  • Targeted focus to effectively balance people, processes, and technology
  • A structured roadmap to optimize management of implementation and change
  • Six domains of expertise necessary for successful outcomes aligned with your implementation

Our methodology focuses on developing your internal knowledge capital, providing expert level staff to help you achieve more than you could using only your internal resources, and ensures measurable results and execution that delivers on your vision.
A Complete Suite of Clinical Consulting Solutions
Our broad suite of clinical consulting solutions addresses all operational and clinical areas, from systems implementation, clinician adoption, and optimization. We can provide short-term assistance for immediate projects or become a long-term strategic partner. We provide the expertise to lead a project from start to finish or to augment your team in critical areas and ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your healthcare information system.
Our clinical consulting solutions include:

Clinical Consulting Solutions
Clinical Systems Implementation
Clinical Systems Optimization
Mobile Clinical Computing