MEDITECH VPN, our MEDITECH connectivity solution, gives you a high-performance alternative to costly ISDN or dial-up lines. It can keep you in constant communication with MEDITECH, including their subsidiaries MEDITECH Home Health (formerly Patient Care Technologies, Inc.) and LSS Data Systems. The encryption technology used by MEDITECH VPN protects your facility from potential man-in-the-middle security breaches. That's something existing dial-up or ISDN services can't do.

In addition, MEDITECH VPN can provide access to our Managed Services Group within Dell Services for remote support and is the required platform for our MSite Hosting Solution & JSite Managed Disaster Recovery Solution. Developed in cooperation with MEDITECH using industry-standard IPSec, MEDITECH VPN assures HIPAA-compliant security.

MEDITECH VPN is a robust, firewall IOS, router-based VPN network. Digital Certificates, IPSec, dual inbound ACLs, & static routes are just some of the parameters used to protect the confidentiality, integrity & accessibility of the data flowing between MEDITECH VPN Partners and your organization.

MEDITECH VPN is a fully-managed product from end to end. Only authorized specialists of the Managed Services Group within Dell Services are allowed to access MEDITECH VPN hardware for configuration, troubleshooting, and other management functions. Your organization may be provided read-only access to your MEDITECH VPN router using the internal interface, as well other functional monitoring access such as syslog redirection, ICMP, and SNMP.

Leveraging your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) connection, MEDITECH VPN is an ideal connectivity solution for most MEDITECH customer sites, providing a cost-effective, Internet-based support link. Built on current, industry-standard, secure VPN technologies, features include:
  • 24x7 management of the link for maximum availability
  • Full IPSec 3DES and AES encryption for HIPAA security compliance
  • Highest possible reliability using QoS (Quality of Service) technologies
  • Lower support and management costs vs. ISDN or dial-up, resulting in immediate ROI
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Your account manager can work with you to fill out a simple questionnaire for your organization to acquire MEDITECH VPN to meet your needs today and accommodate future expansion.

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