Better healthcare starts with better information

When healthcare is information-driven, data is interconnected and available when and where it is needed to save lives. Data becomes knowledge and moves healthcare beyond episodic care to preventative, precision medicine. And data ultimately allows patients to take control of their own health. Our four-part information-driven healthcare approach is a reflection of our commitment and expertise:
  • Build Future-Ready IT Platforms: Systems should be capable of adapting to change, scaling and achieving maximum efficiency.
  • Unlock Information: Data must be free from the shackles of paper and from digital silos, with secure access when and where it is needed.
  • Empower Caregivers: Caregivers need technology and process, including real-time clinical decision support and operational insight.
  • Unleash Innovation: Investments in technology and process will yield significant returns in the form of efficiency and quality of care.
Taken together, we believe these steps can radically redefine the way healthcare is delivered for decades to come.

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Healthcare analytics
  1. Hospital provider

    Hospital Providers

    Dell can help hospitals and health systems streamline business and clinical process to create a patient focused environment.

  2. Physician practices n clicnics

    Physician Practices and Clinics

    Dell supports physicians’ success with a comprehensive suite of business process and technology services to enhance patient care, increase mobility and improve financial performance.

  3. life science

    Life Sciences

    From initial research to the sales and marketing of your product, Dell understands that IT is critical to accelerate product discovery and development.

  4. Health plans

    Health Plans

    With thousands of successful health plan engagements, we have the skill, technology and experience to help your health plan reduce costs, meet federal requirements, engage members and compete effectively in the health insurance marketplace.

  1. Future Ready IT

    Build Future-Ready IT Platforms

    Positioning hospitals for long-term success is a fundamental imperative of healthcare IT.

  2. Unlock Information

    Unlock Information

    Digital data is a hospital’s most valuable resource. Unlocking Information is a critical step in healthcare transformation.

  3. Empower Caregivers

    Empower Caregivers

    When hospitals align people, processes and technology, care is transformed.

  4. Unleash Innovation

    Unleash Innovation

    Investments in technology and process will yield significant returns in the form of efficiency and quality of care.

White Papers

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    Flash Storage Solutions in Healthcare and Life Sciences: What You Need to Know


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    The Great Confluence


    How a unified healthcare data repository can help us find the insights we need for a better future

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    We’re all in it together: Technology and partnerships to improve outcomes


    Healthcare organizations need more effective way to prevent chronic care complications and stem the tide of rising costs. Better outcomes and lower costs are possible with an integrated, collaborative approach using technology that extends healthcare to patients when and where they need it most.


  1. Data Exchange

    Standards-based data exchange in healthcare

    Dell Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andrew Litt discusses the possibilities of standards-based data exchange in healthcare.

  2. Information Driven Healthcare

    Information Driven Healthcare

    Dr. August Calhoun, Dell Healthcare VP/GM, discusses the future of Information-Driven Healthcare.

Case Studies

  1. Cancer care

    Children’s Cancer Care initiative

    Dell’s Children’s Cancer Care initiative is a multimillion dollar, multiyear commitment that applies our technology, expertise, donations and employee volunteerism.


  1. Mobile Records Breaches

    Mobile Record Breaches

    Healthcare Information Security: A Focus on Prevention Is the Best Remedy for Medical Record Breaches.


  1. Information Driven Healthcare

    Information Driven Healthcare

    See highlights from HIMSS13 and hear our customers talk about the latest advances in information-driven healthcare.