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Improve student success and cut costs using predictive data analytics
A little insight can go a long way in driving student achievement. Equipped with knowledge of students’ progress, strengths, challenges and levels of engagement, your institution can better prepare them for graduation and workforce readiness. In the process, you can streamline IT costs, improve operational efficiency and increase profitability.

Taking action with improved data insight
The data to provide these types of insights exists, but it’s usually in diverse, disconnected places and formats. Dell™ Education Data Management (EDM), developed in collaboration with Intel, is a predictive decision support system with which institutions can collect, cleanse, integrate, visualize and analyze that data. They can then translate the resulting insights into action.

Driving student and institutional success
Using EDM, institutions can:
  • Boost recruiting efforts by identifying, targeting and tracking top students and faculty
  • Increase graduation rates through personalized learning from data insights
  • Track and manage alumni, donors, grant applications and research
  • Identify and provide early intervention for at-risk students
  • Optimize information flow and increase insights for HR, financials, facilities and other operations
EDM also includes a customizable student retention module that uses predictive analytics to monitor and score student progress and generate timely alerts.

Improving operations with predictive analytics
With open architectures offering deployment within diverse technologies, EDM helps institutions:
  • Reduce costs and increase profitability: Generates targeted recruiting and retention information and streamlines IT processes
  • Make decisions in real time: Creates a relevant, real-time analysis of institutional data
  • Improve IT performance and efficiency: Offers faster transactional information flow and leverages IT assets to add value
  • Unlock new insights: Enables faster analysis of large volumes of data with in-memory computing
  • Improve productivity: Manages critical data objects located in multiple systems, applications and processes
To learn more, contact a Dell representative or schedule an EDM or Data Analytics Readiness Assessment workshop.
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Dell EDM Readiness Assessment                                          Dell EDM Readiness Assessment

                                          For determining whether your institution currently has all the resources 
                                          needed to deploy a successful Education Data Management solution, this
                                          assessment is a logical and comprehensive first step. For more information, contact
                                          your Dell representative or email us at edm@dell.com.

Dell EDM Workshop                                          Dell EDM Workshop

                                          To help you learn more about Dell’s EDM solutions and to gather information to 
                                          develop an actionable program plan, our experts can host an in-depth, half-day
                                          EDM Workshop on your site. For more information, talk to your Dell
                                          representative or contact us at edm@dell.com.

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