Virtual desktops

New rules for simple, secure workforce flexibility

Help your kids with homework and close business deals in Brussels while you wait for a plane to Chicago. There's no question that advanced communications technologies have given a boost to consumer and professional productivity, but not so much to IT administrators.

Mobile broadband and sophisticated devices have opened powerful relationship building and productivity opportunities, but have also introduced IT burden. IT administrators have their hands full trying to secure distributed data and raise service levels for customers in locations scattered across the globe. They also face enormous pressure to incorporate the new consumer devices that enterprise employees want to use to get their work done.

New rules change the game

Dell™ Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DDVS) change the game. Instead of juggling workforce flexibility with data security, IT administrators can manage each user's digital identity from a secure, central data center. This enables anytime, anyplace access to productivity resources without exposing those resources to outside threats. And IDC estimates that virtual desktops cost 67 percent less to maintain than traditional desktops¹.

But all desktop virtualization solutions are not created equal. Dell brings a unique combination of expertise, analysis, resource and experience to the table.

Choose, don't guess
Take the guesswork out of creating a solution with the Dell integrated solution stack (ISS). The ISS comes fully integrated and tested with all the hardware and software you need to run your solution, and it includes consulting, installation and support services. 

Create the right balance of workforce flexibility, application support, data security and economies of scale to respond to market demand wherever it is. Just choose how much — or little — you want to manage.

¹ IDC, "Understanding the Business Value of Centralized Virtual Desktops." (November 2009).